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UGID:264151     UniGene Mm.28366     Mus musculus (mouse)   Ide
Insulin degrading enzyme (Ide)

Mouse protein-coding gene Ide. Represented by 413 ESTs from 181 cDNA libraries. Corresponds to reference sequence NM_031156.2. [UniGene 264151 - Mm.28366]

Comparison of cluster transcripts with RefSeq proteins. The alignments can suggest function of the cluster.
Best Hits and Hits from model organismsSpeciesId(%)Len(aa)
NP_112419.2 Ide gene product M. musculus 100.0 1018
NP_037291.1 Ide gene product R. norvegicus 99.6 1018
NP_004960.2 IDE gene product H. sapiens 97.7 1018
NP_001082994.1 ide gene product D. rerio 91.3 977
NP_524182.3 insulin degrading metalloproteinase D. melanogaster 53.1 959
NP_001023928.1 Protein F44E7.4, isoform d C. elegans 50.8 952
XP_956166.1 hypothetical protein NCU00481 N. crassa 47.2 949
NP_013493.2 Ste23p S. cerevisiae 45.7 981
Other hits (2 of 37) [Show all]SpeciesId(%)Len(aa)
XP_004020338.1 PREDICTED: insulin-degrading enzyme O. aries 98.1 988
NP_001069317.1 IDE gene product B. taurus 97.9 1018

Tissues and development stages from this gene's sequences survey gene expression. Links to other NCBI expression resources.
EST Profile: Approximate expression patterns inferred from EST sources.
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GEO Profiles: Experimental gene expression data (Gene Expression Omnibus).
cDNA Sources: embryonic tissue; testis; brain; skin; mammary gland; eye; bone marrow; mixed; thymus; pancreas; prostate; molar; lymph node; tongue; liver; bone; spleen; heart; kidney; lung; connective tissue; uncharacterized tissue; extraembryonic tissue; uterus; blood; intestine; pituitary gland; sympathetic ganglion; muscle; bladder; vagina; spinal cord; dorsal root ganglion; fertilized ovum; thyroid; nasopharynx
Genomic location specified by transcript mapping, radiation hybrid mapping, genetic mapping or cytogenetic mapping.
Chromosome: 19
Map position: 19 C2|19 32.24 cM
UniSTS entry: Chr 19 AI507533 [Map Viewer]
UniSTS entry: Ide
Sequences representing this gene; mRNAs, ESTs, and gene predictions supported by transcribed sequences.

mRNA sequences (8)

BC041675.1 Mus musculus insulin degrading enzyme, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:49435 IMAGE:4951971), complete cds PA
AK029089.1 Mus musculus 10 days neonate skin cDNA, RIKEN full-length enriched library, clone:4732490D18 product:insulin degrading enzyme, full insert sequence P
AK078930.1 Mus musculus adult male cecum cDNA, RIKEN full-length enriched library, clone:9130202N22 product:unclassifiable, full insert sequence
AK043254.1 Mus musculus 7 days neonate cerebellum cDNA, RIKEN full-length enriched library, clone:A730076J07 product:unclassifiable, full insert sequence
AK128986.1 Mus musculus cDNA fis, clone TRACH3020410, highly similar to Insulin-degrading enzyme (EC P
AJ278422.1 Mus musculus mRNA for insulin degrading enzyme (Ide gene) P
AK004972.2 Mus musculus adult male liver cDNA, RIKEN full-length enriched library, clone:1300012G03 product:insulin degrading enzyme, full insert sequence P
NM_031156.2 Mus musculus insulin degrading enzyme (Ide), mRNA P

EST sequences (413)

CA567819.1 Clone NIA:K0419B03_IMAGE:30060878 bone marrow 5' read
CA571479.1 Clone NIA:K0520F12_IMAGE:30065831 bone marrow 5' read P
CA572101.1 Clone NIA:K0529C01_IMAGE:30066648 bone marrow 5' read P
CA572340.1 Clone NIA:K0533E05_IMAGE:30067060 bone marrow 5' read P
CA572607.1 Clone NIA:K0537F08_IMAGE:30067459 bone marrow 5' read P
CA573353.1 Clone NIA:K0549H03_IMAGE:30068630 bone marrow 5' read P
BY000358.1 Clone 1020004C11 heart 5' read P
BY034109.1 Clone I530009I15 extraembryonic tissue 5' read P
BY034152.1 Clone I530009N04 extraembryonic tissue 5' read P
BY066660.1 Clone I920049P13 heart 5' read P
BY106176.1 Clone L330001H20 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY111319.1 Clone L330044F21 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY134320.1 Clone L930043A21 embryonic tissue 5' read
BY140867.1 Clone L930138J02 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY142114.1 Clone L930156I01 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY145380.1 Clone L930204G04 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY149263.1 Clone L930260F13 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY149272.1 Clone L930260H14 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY149338.1 Clone L930261E19 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY149527.1 Clone L930264G15 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY313997.1 Clone I420009F14 bone 5' read
BY323439.1 Clone L030019F20 connective tissue 5' read P
BY328479.1 Clone L130003K09 connective tissue 5' read P
BY358835.1 Clone 3222401P11 embryonic tissue 3' read
BY372456.1 Clone G430136E04 embryonic tissue 3' read
BY385116.1 Clone I1C0007D02 embryonic tissue 3' read PA
BY394091.1 Clone I530027J19 mixed 3' read PA
BY420210.1 Clone I920049P13 heart 3' read A
BY470330.1 Clone G270081N19 skin 3' read A
BY474171.1 Clone G270144B14 skin 3' read PA
BY678207.1 Clone K920019D11 embryonic tissue 3' read
BY689982.1 Clone I420009F14 bone 3' read
BY705181.1 Clone 1300012G03 liver 5' read P
BY714202.1 Clone 4833415K22 mixed 5' read P
BY719187.1 Clone 6430710D04 brain 5' read P
BY125829.1 Clone L630040D14 brain 5' read P
BY132978.1 Clone L930024G12 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CA887453.2 Clone NIA:B0137A06_IMAGE:30097349 uncharacterized tissue 5' read
CA978533.1 Clone IMAGE:30144786 embryonic tissue 5' read A
CA979674.1 Clone IMAGE:30143712 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CB195998.1 Clone IMAGE:30137727 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CB319026.1 Clone IMAGE:30281532 testis 5' read P
CB319238.1 Clone IMAGE:30284820 testis 5' read P
CB272385.1 Clone IMAGE:6445738 testis 5' read P
CB272660.1 Clone IMAGE:6445882 testis 5' read P
CB571440.1 Clone IMAGE:30277495 testis 5' read
CB571619.1 Clone IMAGE:30279683 testis 5' read P
CB571663.1 Clone IMAGE:30281002 testis 5' read
CB572725.1 Clone IMAGE:30276348 testis 5' read P
CD241038.1 Clone IMAGE:30381652 liver 5' read
CD553036.1 Clone NIA:B0353F03_IMAGE:30434174 mixed 5' read P
BX524050.1 Clone IMAGp998L043828_;_IMAGE:1512339 mammary gland A
BX520138.1 Clone IMAGp998J181450_;_IMAGE:599153 spleen P
CD772097.1 Clone IMAGE:30504307 molar 5' read
CD775744.1 Clone UI-M-AQ0-ciu-c-17-0-UI brain 3' read A
CD805770.1 Clone IMAGE:30541149 eye 5' read
CD805810.1 Clone IMAGE:30541337 eye 5' read
CF162293.1 Clone NIA:B0709D02_IMAGE:30458725 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CF167513.1 Clone NIA:B0786C10_IMAGE:30466113 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BX632806.1 Clone LIONp462C0722 uncharacterized tissue 3' read A
BX638614.1 Clone LIONp462G09408 uncharacterized tissue 3' read PA
CB843983.2 eye 5' read P
CF747097.1 Clone IMAGE:30625860 eye 5' read P
CF732142.1 Clone IMAGE:30551734 eye 5' read
CF749576.1 Clone IMAGE:30625807 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CF749625.1 Clone IMAGE:30627904 embryonic tissue 5' read
CF981655.1 Clone IMAGE:7031328 testis 5' read
CF982763.1 Clone IMAGE:7033396 testis 5' read P
CK130031.1 Clone IMAGE:30791302 extraembryonic tissue 5' read
BY767252.1 Clone L930010G03 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY768068.1 Clone L930018H03 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY769204.1 Clone L930028P19 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY769535.1 Clone L930032N12 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY770424.1 Clone L930041K16 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY771162.1 Clone L930050J17 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY771218.1 Clone L930051F13 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY781699.1 Clone L930158A10 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY787687.1 Clone L930221J01 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY788303.1 Clone L930228B04 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY790668.1 Clone L930251O06 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY792085.1 Clone L930267D19 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY793374.1 Clone L930282O08 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BY793693.1 Clone L930286I02 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CK338699.1 Clone NIA:C0804A10_IMAGE:30025353 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CK342704.1 Clone NIA:K0506E01_IMAGE:30064464 bone marrow 5' read P
CK342893.1 Clone NIA:K0517B07_IMAGE:30065490 bone marrow 5' read P
CK343277.1 Clone NIA:K0549H03_IMAGE:30068630 bone marrow 3' read P
CK620843.1 Clone ml17b09 eye 5' read P
CK620076.1 Clone mk31g11 eye 5' read P
CK638522.1 Clone IMAGE:30635462 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CK639995.1 Clone IMAGE:30638946 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CK637786.1 Clone IMAGE:30642020 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CK638377.1 Clone IMAGE:30641262 embryonic tissue 5' read
CK790565.1 Clone IMAGE:30840272 thyroid 5' read P
CN528207.1 Clone IMAGE:30660502 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CN535046.1 Clone IMAGE:30671403 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CN537794.1 Clone IMAGE:30671960 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CN539779.1 Clone IMAGE:30666696 eye 5' read P
CN526635.1 Clone IMAGE:30645814 eye 5' read P
CN532693.1 Clone IMAGE:30647088 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CN534036.1 Clone IMAGE:30664541 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CN660084.1 Clone NIA:A0700F04_IMAGE:30752415 bone marrow 5' read P
CN675628.1 Clone NIA:A0966B03_IMAGE:30773102 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CN680175.1 Clone NIA:E0133H07_IMAGE:30779610 embryonic tissue 5' read
CN692539.1 Clone NIA:E0324D04_IMAGE:30861255 mixed 5' read
CN706460.1 Clone NIA:E0517E05_IMAGE:30879796 embryonic tissue 5' read
BP427473.1 Clone FD1218 brain
CO045845.1 Clone IMAGE:30671887 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CO429854.1 Clone IMAGE:30688281 eye 5' read P
CO430004.1 Clone IMAGE:30688206 eye 5' read P
CO431415.1 Clone IMAGE:30685714 eye 5' read P
CO432824.1 Clone IMAGE:30685833 eye 5' read
CO426249.1 Clone IMAGE:30669271 eye 5' read P
BP754426.1 Clone mia10055 pancreas 5' read P
BP754427.1 Clone mia10055 pancreas 3' read PA
BP767389.1 Clone mid22010 pancreas 3' read PA
CX211195.1 brain 5' read P
CX211221.1 brain 5' read
CX215214.1 brain 5' read P
CX227593.1 bone marrow 5' read P
CX234198.1 bone marrow 5' read P
CX234425.1 bone marrow 5' read
DN175988.1 brain 5' read
DT926067.1 bone marrow P
DT927915.1 bone marrow P
CJ163288.1 Clone M130006G14 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CJ227484.1 Clone I920102D09 heart 3' read A
DV044214.1 Clone DAY10_18_E19 prostate
DV045514.1 Clone DAY20_10C_G13 prostate P
DV046502.1 Clone DAY20_14_L19 prostate P
DV070690.1 Clone VP01_07_M02 prostate P
CJ238003.1 Clone L930024G12 embryonic tissue 3' read P
CJ292649.1 Clone K530060E22 brain 3' read
CJ302686.1 Clone M130013K19 embryonic tissue 3' read PA
EH103980.1 Clone ia243h06 tongue 3' read A
EH109592.1 Clone ia166f09 tongue 3' read
EH111376.1 Clone ia137c09 tongue 3' read P
AV475081.1 Clone 19991013EK04G12 embryonic tissue P
AV490724.1 Clone 19991116EK06C11 embryonic tissue
AV460421.1 Clone 19990823EK01D08 embryonic tissue P
AV513764.1 Clone 20000203HM02F10 embryonic tissue
AV516007.1 Clone 20000214EK05G11 embryonic tissue P
AV517235.1 Clone 20000218HM03H08 embryonic tissue
AV581065.1 Clone 19990614EK01F08 embryonic tissue P
AV582415.1 Clone 19990618EK02F04 embryonic tissue P
EL960355.1 eye 5' read P
W20750.1 Clone IMAGE:337274 embryonic tissue 5' read P
W62206.1 Clone IMAGE:385809 embryonic tissue 5' read A
AA038736.1 Clone IMAGE:474167 embryonic tissue 5' read
AA065689.1 Clone IMAGE:524269 skin 5' read P
AA111232.1 Clone IMAGE:574241 thymus 5' read
AA124985.1 Clone IMAGE:574949 thymus 5' read P
AA140508.1 Clone IMAGE:577628 thymus 5' read
AA145806.1 Clone IMAGE:599153 spleen 5' read P
AA163502.1 Clone IMAGE:634853 lymph node 5' read A
AA170383.1 Clone IMAGE:615995 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AA265472.1 Clone IMAGE:693711 liver 5' read P
AA273880.1 Clone IMAGE:764832 lymph node 5' read
AA387094.1 Clone IMAGE:774893 embryonic tissue 5' read
AA387327.1 Clone IMAGE:789449 embryonic tissue 5' read
AA387335.1 Clone IMAGE:789473 embryonic tissue 5' read
AA387965.1 Clone IMAGE:790100 embryonic tissue 5' read
AA419764.1 Clone IMAGE:847018 heart 5' read
AA438168.1 Clone IMAGE:822794 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AA473740.1 Clone IMAGE:873394 mixed 5' read
AA473797.1 Clone IMAGE:873322 mixed 5' read
AA473858.1 Clone IMAGE:873342 mixed 5' read
AA516978.1 Clone IMAGE:894143 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AA547151.1 Clone IMAGE:959948 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AA596698.1 Clone IMAGE:1002613 blood 5' read P
AA623558.1 Clone IMAGE:1037515 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AA647812.1 Clone IMAGE:1108584 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AA675255.1 Clone IMAGE:1110486 embryonic tissue 5' read
AA675336.1 Clone IMAGE:1003804 embryonic tissue 3' read P
AA727530.1 Clone IMAGE:1210043 skin 5' read
AA762866.1 Clone IMAGE:1229345 skin 5' read P
AA791109.1 Clone IMAGE:1229750 skin 5' read P
AA793495.1 Clone IMAGE:1024907 muscle 5' read
AA793547.1 Clone IMAGE:989890 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AA794876.1 Clone IMAGE:1196203 mammary gland 5' read
AA797128.1 Clone IMAGE:1023976 skin 5' read P
AA799115.1 Clone IMAGE:1023764 skin 5' read P
AA863864.1 Clone IMAGE:1264503 thymus 5' read
AA990344.1 Clone IMAGE:1362229 thymus 5' read
AI019849.1 Clone IMAGE:1364903 mammary gland 5' read P
AI048077.1 Clone IMAGE:1021887 embryonic tissue 5' read
AI099245.1 Clone IMAGE:872359 kidney 5' read P
AI122346.1 Clone IMAGE:1430098 mammary gland 5' read
AI155377.1 Clone IMAGE:1477965 uterus 5' read P
AU036004.1 Clone MNCb-7052 brain 5' read P
AI317630.1 Clone IMAGE:1920597 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AI317765.1 Clone IMAGE:1920493 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AI326032.1 Clone IMAGE:599153 spleen 3' read
AI386451.1 Clone IMAGE:599153 spleen 5' read P
AI425362.1 Clone IMAGE:693711 liver 5' read P
AI449036.1 Clone IMAGE:615995 embryonic tissue 3' read P
AI466302.1 Clone IMAGE:1229345 skin 5' read P
AI507533.1 Clone IMAGE:935025 embryonic tissue 3' read A
AI574278.1 Clone IMAGE:1920431 embryonic tissue 3' read P
AI662949.1 Clone IMAGE:1925197 liver 5' read P
AI664073.1 Clone IMAGE:1497541 uterus 5' read
AV024740.1 Clone 1200006N10 lung
AV027633.1 Clone 1300012G03 liver
AV027702.2 Clone 1300013B06 liver 3' read A
AV006006.1 Clone 1020004C11 heart
AV000521.1 Clone 0610008H15 kidney P
AV115633.1 Clone 2610100B14 embryonic tissue
AV167868.1 Clone 3110057M08 embryonic tissue
AV172842.1 Clone 3732412A14 embryonic tissue
AI852581.1 Clone UI-M-BH0-aiu-a-11-0-UI mixed 3' read A
AI892198.1 Clone IMAGE:493115 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AI931335.1 Clone IMAGE:2135670 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AV220264.1 Clone 3022402H02 embryonic tissue 3' read
AV224659.1 Clone 3830421P09 extraembryonic tissue 3' read
AV226600.1 Clone 4021401K07 embryonic tissue 3' read
AV233221.1 Clone 4632422N01 skin 3' read
AV234161.1 Clone 4632431E11 skin 3' read
AV234590.1 Clone 4632435H18 skin 3' read
AV234602.1 Clone 4632435I24 skin 3' read A
AV235380.1 Clone 4732404D06 skin 3' read
AV235804.1 Clone 4732407E07 skin 3' read A
AV236149.1 Clone 4732409H16 skin 3' read
AV237125.1 Clone 4732419B21 skin 3' read A
AV238285.1 Clone 4732426K05 skin 3' read
AV238310.1 Clone 4732426M05 skin 3' read
AV241134.1 Clone 4732446C15 skin 3' read
AI595787.1 Clone IMAGE:1925197 liver 3' read
AI644295.1 Clone IMAGE:1229345 skin 3' read A
AV242228.1 Clone 4831405L05 mixed 3' read
AV246099.1 Clone 4832405A14 mixed 3' read A
AV246151.1 Clone 4832405J02 mixed 3' read A
AV249516.1 Clone 4833415K22 mixed 3' read A
AV256530.1 Clone 4921529E20 testis 3' read A
AV257538.1 Clone 4921538B06 testis 3' read
AV262956.1 Clone 4930433A15 testis 3' read
AV273247.1 Clone 4932409D04 testis 3' read A
AV274134.1 Clone 4932416M22 testis 3' read
AV274256.1 Clone 4932418A14 testis 3' read A
AV276110.1 Clone 4932432L03 testis 3' read A
AV276123.1 Clone 4932432L23 testis 3' read A
AV276137.1 Clone 4932432N06 testis 3' read
AV276152.1 Clone 4932432N23 testis 3' read A
AV276181.1 Clone 4932433A16 testis 3' read A
AV276585.1 Clone 4932435G22 testis 3' read A
AV276624.1 Clone 4932435K06 testis 3' read A
AV277456.1 Clone 4932442I02 testis 3' read A
AV277792.1 Clone 4932701G18 testis 3' read
AV277826.1 Clone 4932702A14 testis 3' read A
AV277928.1 Clone 4932702M07 testis 3' read
AV277932.1 Clone 4932702M19 testis 3' read A
AV313598.1 Clone 5830411I17 thymus 3' read
AV314370.1 Clone 5830418C17 thymus 3' read
AV316013.1 Clone 5830433N17 thymus 3' read
AV317820.1 Clone 5832441B19 thymus 3' read
AV319192.1 Clone 6030404K19 testis 3' read
AV293252.1 Clone 5430434K13 mixed 3' read
AV301689.1 Clone 5730495E18 embryonic tissue 3' read
AV302480.1 Clone 5730503B10 embryonic tissue 3' read
AV302720.1 Clone 5730505H01 embryonic tissue 3' read
AV303040.1 Clone 5730508L21 embryonic tissue 3' read
AV303063.1 Clone 5730510A01 embryonic tissue 3' read
AV348913.1 Clone 6432402L15 brain 3' read
AV348927.1 Clone 6432402N15 brain 3' read
AV348935.1 Clone 6530401A03 brain 3' read
AV349157.1 Clone 6530401O07 brain 3' read
AV349762.1 Clone 6530415G03 brain 3' read
AW259094.1 Clone IMAGE:2331619 kidney 5' read P
AV309557.1 Clone 5730583F07 embryonic tissue 3' read
AV328243.1 Clone 6330440C05 brain 3' read
AV375830.2 Clone 9130202N22 intestine 3' read
AW611183.1 Clone IMAGE:2536999 kidney 5' read P
AW908717.1 Clone IMAGE:1528577 mammary gland 5' read P
BB006486.1 Clone 4732471L15 skin 3' read A
BB009521.2 Clone 4732490D18 skin 3' read
BB009726.1 Clone 4732491B10 skin 3' read A
BB012235.1 Clone 4930447H05 testis 3' read A
AW989293.1 Clone IMAGE:1512339 mammary gland 5' read
BB016943.1 Clone 4930565D12 testis 3' read
BB022867.1 Clone 5330413B02 pituitary gland 3' read A
BB029418.1 Clone 5830444C17 thymus 3' read
BB034366.1 Clone 5830496C09 thymus 3' read
BB040311.1 Clone 6030448F02 testis 3' read
BB041024.1 Clone 6030453E03 testis 3' read
BB058070.1 Clone 7120476E02 sympathetic ganglion 3' read A
BB066575.1 Clone 8030453E04 testis 3' read A
BE135085.1 Clone IMAGE:1532400 mammary gland 5' read
BB116459.1 Clone 9530056B05 bladder 3' read A
BB143782.1 Clone 9930022D18 vagina 3' read
BB146189.1 Clone 9930033L12 vagina 3' read
BB151254.1 Clone A030012C08 skin 3' read A
BB151415.1 Clone A030012O06 skin 3' read A
BB165039.1 Clone A130081B12 thymus 3' read A
BB222944.1 Clone A530080C16 mixed 3' read
BE226118.1 Clone IMAGE:5638296 pancreas 5' read
BB257034.2 Clone A730076J07 brain 3' read
BB352758.1 Clone B930090M21 brain 3' read
BB393129.1 Clone C230082B22 brain 3' read A
BB404153.2 Clone C330035D07 embryonic tissue 3' read
BB404294.1 Clone C330035M09 embryonic tissue 3' read
BB407577.1 Clone C430002E24 embryonic tissue 3' read A
BB415182.1 Clone C430040P20 embryonic tissue 3' read
BB415631.1 Clone C430042M24 embryonic tissue 3' read A
BB416105.1 Clone C430045H10 embryonic tissue 3' read
BB423001.1 Clone C530035B14 spinal cord 3' read
BE377193.1 Clone IMAGE:3593204 mammary gland 5' read P
BB456641.1 Clone D130047N22 dorsal root ganglion 3' read A
BB468880.1 Clone D230021C20 eye 3' read A
BB469432.2 Clone D230024K23 eye 3' read PA
BB478451.1 Clone D330030M21 heart 3' read A
BB514909.1 Clone D830005O20 heart 3' read A
BB560699.1 Clone E530114O07 brain 3' read
BE533259.1 Clone IMAGE:3598004 mammary gland 5' read
BE571031.1 Clone IMAGE:3711802 mammary gland 5' read
BE554134.1 Clone IMAGE:3152584 mammary gland 5' read
BE654882.1 Clone UI-M-BH0-aiu-a-11-0-UI mixed 5' read
BE824656.2 Clone C0502H05 brain 3' read A
BE824964.1 Clone C0507E04 brain 3' read A
BE847174.1 Clone IMAGE:3417542 thymus 5' read P
BF143107.1 Clone IMAGE:4016374 lung 5' read
BF161305.1 Clone IMAGE:3989320 lung 5' read P
AW741014.1 Clone IMAGE:2803826 thymus 5' read P
BE991084.1 Clone UI-M-BZ1-bdq-e-10-0-UI brain 3' read A
BE991098.1 Clone UI-M-BZ1-bdq-g-04-0-UI brain 3' read A
BF017528.1 Clone IMAGE:3654408 testis 3' read PA
BF017795.1 Clone IMAGE:3654408 testis 5' read P
BF022657.1 Clone IMAGE:3663163 lung 5' read P
BB576420.1 Clone 5830400I17 thymus 5' read
BB576494.1 Clone 5830400O11 thymus 5' read
BB580230.1 Clone 7530405I11 eye 5' read
BB581570.1 Clone 8630402B12 mammary gland 5' read
BB581629.1 Clone 8630402K14 mammary gland 5' read
BB583009.2 Clone 9130202N22 intestine 5' read
BF453599.1 Clone IMAGE:3821919 spleen 5' read P
BF579393.1 Clone IMAGE:4215767 intestine 5' read P
BF660914.1 Clone IMAGE:3821919 spleen 3' read P
BF719147.1 Clone IMAGE:3972093 embryonic tissue 3' read A
BF723543.1 Clone IMAGE:3972093 embryonic tissue 5' read
BF781297.1 Clone IMAGE:4235344 kidney 5' read P
BF781414.1 Clone IMAGE:4235400 kidney 5' read
BG145984.1 Clone IMAGE:3384244 uncharacterized tissue 5' read
BG146790.1 Clone IMAGE:3978099 spleen 5' read P
BG146989.1 Clone IMAGE:3978099 spleen 3' read P
BG174597.1 Clone IMAGE:4457721 mammary gland 5' read P
BG228608.1 Clone IMAGE:3513312 bone 3' read P
BG229446.1 Clone IMAGE:3384244 uncharacterized tissue 3' read
BG294406.1 Clone IMAGE:4503362 eye 5' read P
BG298173.1 Clone IMAGE:4507826 eye 5' read
BG277604.1 Clone IMAGE:3513312 bone 5' read P
BI105387.1 Clone IMAGE:5038678 lung 5' read P
BI078285.1 Clone IMAGE:5004438 mammary gland 5' read P
BI665622.1 Clone IMAGE:5323754 mammary gland 5' read P
BI666320.1 Clone IMAGE:5324843 mammary gland 5' read A
BB613526.1 Clone 4732490D18 skin 5' read P
BB652077.1 Clone C330035D07 embryonic tissue 5' read
BG923627.1 Clone IMAGE:4951971 mammary gland 5' read P
BG974203.1 Clone IMAGE:4979648 mammary gland 5' read P
BI684569.1 Clone IMAGE:5343155 mammary gland 5' read P
BI692159.1 Clone IMAGE:5351914 mammary gland 5' read
BI692265.1 Clone IMAGE:5370846 mammary gland 5' read P
BB640660.1 Clone A730076J07 brain 5' read
BB646706.1 Clone B930031M20 brain 5' read
BB744433.1 Clone F530003D07 kidney 3' read PA
BB699979.1 Clone 7420416O20 fertilized ovum 3' read
BB699998.1 Clone 7420417A16 fertilized ovum 3' read
BB860566.1 Clone G430014K18 mixed 5' read P
BB836431.1 Clone G930041L13 mammary gland 3' read
BB783591.1 Clone G430089G05 embryonic tissue 3' read
BB783997.1 Clone G430092K21 mixed 3' read
BB784856.1 Clone G430099C04 kidney 3' read P
BB791488.1 Clone G430136K16 mixed 3' read
BB781521.1 Clone G430074A15 embryonic tissue 3' read
BG804684.1 eye
BM237748.2 Clone NIA:K0506E01_IMAGE:30064464 bone marrow 3' read P
BM238409.2 Clone NIA:K0517B07_IMAGE:30065490 bone marrow 3' read P
BM238622.2 Clone NIA:K0520F12_IMAGE:30065831 bone marrow 3' read P
BM239127.1 Clone K0529C01 bone marrow 3' read P
BM239380.2 Clone NIA:K0533E05_IMAGE:30067060 bone marrow 3' read P
BM239562.2 Clone NIA:K0536D09_IMAGE:30067340 bone marrow 3' read P
BM239634.2 Clone NIA:K0537F08_IMAGE:30067459 bone marrow 3' read P
BM198456.2 Clone NIA:C0400B11_IMAGE:30009622 embryonic tissue 3' read
BM198593.2 Clone NIA:C0402H12_IMAGE:30009887 embryonic tissue 3' read
BM211305.2 Clone NIA:C0804A10_IMAGE:30025353 embryonic tissue 3' read PA
BM293638.2 Clone NIA:C0407D02_IMAGE:30010309 embryonic tissue 3' read
BM570273.1 Clone IMAGE:5941018 pancreas 5' read A
BQ032594.1 Clone UI-1-CF0-apg-h-07-0-UI extraembryonic tissue 3' read PA
BQ032718.1 Clone UI-1-CF0-axa-a-04-0-UI extraembryonic tissue 3' read PA
AU255525.1 Clone BED0005659 brain 3' read
BQ556493.1 Clone H4040D12 mixed 3' read A
BQ556494.1 Clone H4040D12 mixed 5' read
BQ562344.1 Clone H4075D12 mixed 3' read P
BQ771166.1 Clone IMAGE:6400751 brain 5' read P
BQ417680.1 pancreas 3' read A
BQ418407.1 pancreas 5' read P
BB669406.1 Clone 3221404D08 embryonic tissue 3' read
BB671828.1 Clone 3426407H02 embryonic tissue 3' read A
BB672596.1 Clone 3526405K15 brain 3' read
BB672690.1 Clone 4021401K08 embryonic tissue 3' read
BB674465.1 Clone 4022416K22 embryonic tissue 3' read PA
BB674780.1 Clone 4022419L22 embryonic tissue 3' read PA
BB679250.1 Clone 4222404O09 mammary gland 3' read
BB680832.1 Clone 6720422E05 embryonic tissue 3' read A
BB691530.1 Clone 7120428N22 sympathetic ganglion 3' read A
BQ922489.1 Clone IMAGE:6313902 nasopharynx 5' read
BQ936104.1 Clone IMAGE:6440627 mammary gland 5' read P
BQ952797.1 Clone IMAGE:6489332 mammary gland 5' read P
BU504799.1 Clone IMAGE:6492712 eye 5' read P
BQ828767.1 liver 5' read P
BU698019.1 liver 5' read P
BU756493.1 Clone UI-1-CF0-als-c-02-0-UI extraembryonic tissue 3' read PA
BU937971.1 Clone IMAGE:6705972 testis 5' read P
BU923351.1 eye P
CA533509.1 Clone NIA:C0400B11_IMAGE:30009622 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CA533837.1 Clone NIA:C0407D02_IMAGE:30010309 embryonic tissue 5' read P

Key to Symbols

P Has similarity to known Proteins (after translation)
A Contains a poly-Adenylation signal
S Sequence is a Suboptimal member of this cluster
M Clone is putatively CDS-complete by MGC criteria

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