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UGID:259720     UniGene Mm.16423     Mus musculus (mouse)  
UniGene entry Mm.16423 has been retired

Mouse gene. [UniGene 259720 - Mm.16423]

The most recent clusters for the sequences previously in this entry are as follows:
Current entry Sequence(s)
Mm.159754 BY040158, BY053270, BY056767, BY089791, BY155370, BY225604, BY250491, BY421554, BY446354, BY459844, BY462804, BX636940, W11294, W54699, D76472, AA213285, AA230550, AA408849, AA463018, AA498186, AA538391, AA561466, AV109278, AW539273, AW539965, AW547322, AW547732, AW548082, AW548773, AW550495, BM210137, BQ174035
Mm.345333 BY041363, BY042325, BY042389, BY042694, BY043455, BY043548, BY045099, BY046221, BY046441, BY046618, BY046699, BY048658, BY049207, BY049314, BY052042, BY052373, BY053510, BY054166, BY057602, BY058059, BY058786, BY065394, BY066133, BY069178, BY070207, BY072066, BY075193, BY078560, BY061690, BY069134, BY074645, BY089146, BY093575, BY101367, BY101381, BY108359, BY108388, BY111763, BY111926, BY134574, BY139528, BY139618, BY140096, BY142689, BY145064, BY146438, BY159226, BY161699, BY161750, BY174088, BY224461, BY240437, BY243708, BY250324, BY251256, BY259481, BY263716, BY281083, BY282518, BY329802, BY330007, BY331599, BY333263, BY340948, BY341323, BY341728, BY342600, BY347912, BY348879, BY400057, BY401409, BY402691, BY402985, BY403667, BY407331, BY418552, BY419070, BY423311, BY428385, BY438444, BY445821, BY494018, BY611649, BY651633, BY710050, BY711908, BY744481, BY746084, BY761933, BY117051, BY120006, BY120996, BY121668, BY124753, BY130112, CB058600, CB319348, CB595087, CB596966, CB601997, CB570757, CB572976, CB949481, CB949653, CD645263, CF351292, CF356800, CF380833, CB841110, CB847853, CF616767, W12106, W11323, W13925, W29966, W41516, W59469, W64840, W64951, W64953, AA008405, AA011830, AA027414, AA027577, AA027648, AA027733, AA038515, AA038581, AA097952, AA168030, AA208378, AA218410, AA221113, AA221531, AA222415, AA240135, AA241110, AA242274, AA261278, AA387265, AA388219, AA445044, AA458152, AA498188, AA498294, AA517087, AA518133, AA538562, AA590616, AA591629, AA592317, AA980947, AA982814, C89266, AI156637, AI183001, AU042031, AV042835, AV047123, AV016409, AV061341, AV124739, AV138692, AV143124, AI894302, AV215336, AI642072, AW547185, AW547660, AW547746, AW549695, AW551334, AW551899, AW553440, AW558962, AW647529, BE197186, BE197269, BE690910, BF119521, BF228165, BE994935, BF456681, BF319035, BF319040, BB566630, BF682478, BG072855, BG072856, BG072983, BG143909, BG228976, AK012335, AK010639, NM_025592, BI079216, BG794895, BG795904, BG796164, BI439892, BI661397, BI790246, BM121965, BB831997, BI986642, BM210532, BM210564, BM210958, BM508505, BM570684, BQ128416, BQ747442, BB679377, BU529226, BU529238, BU530658, BU531309, BU534278, BU554632, BU554920, BU555647, BU555715, BU555770, BU555855, BU555859, BU556106, BU563264, BU604224, BU706708, BU842620, BU843054, BU843076, BU843416, BU843872, BU844228, BU847160, BU847236, BU851173, BU851768, BU936795, BU938598, BU939145, BU939171, CA463366, CA464939
Mm.416097 BY339813, C88572, BB566624, BU556039, CA466330
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