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UGID:2723740     UniGene Hs.654422     Homo sapiens (human)   TUBA1A
Tubulin, alpha 1a (TUBA1A)

Human protein-coding gene TUBA1A. Represented by 5918 ESTs from 541 cDNA libraries. Corresponds to 3 reference sequences (different isoforms). [UniGene 2723740 - Hs.654422]

Comparison of cluster transcripts with RefSeq proteins. The alignments can suggest function of the cluster.
Best Hits and Hits from model organismsSpeciesId(%)Len(aa)
XP_004004997.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1D chain-like O. aries 100.0 451
NP_035783.1 Tuba1a gene product M. musculus 100.0 450
NP_071634.1 Tuba1a gene product R. norvegicus 100.0 450
XP_001363356.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1B chain-like M. domestica 100.0 450
XP_003223239.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1A chain-like isoform 2 A. carolinensis 100.0 450
NP_001177911.1 tuba1l2 gene product D. rerio 100.0 450
XP_002935154.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1A chain isoform 1 X. tropicalis 100.0 450
XP_003207683.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1B chain-like M. gallopavo 100.0 450
NP_001182320.1 tubulin, alpha 1a M. mulatta 100.0 450
XP_003906370.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1A chain isoform 1 P. anubis 100.0 450
NP_001092014.1 TUBA1A gene product P. troglodytes 100.0 450
NP_006000.2 TUBA1A gene product H. sapiens 100.0 450
XP_862471.2 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1A chain isoform 10 C. lupus familiaris 100.0 450
XP_001504224.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1A chain E. caballus 100.0 450
XP_003481618.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1A chain isoform 1 S. scrofa 100.0 450
NP_001159977.1 TUBA1A gene product B. taurus 100.0 450
XP_002711147.1 PREDICTED: tubulin, alpha 4a O. cuniculus 100.0 450
XP_001510837.2 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1A chain-like O. anatinus 99.8 473
XP_003977866.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha chain-like T. rubripes 99.8 457
NP_001080056.1 tubulin, alpha 1a X. laevis 99.8 451
XP_002738831.1 PREDICTED: GL12416-like S. kowalevskii 99.8 450
XP_001630154.1 predicted protein N. vectensis 99.8 450
XP_004076821.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha chain-like O. latipes 99.8 450
XP_003439120.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1A chain-like O. niloticus 99.6 452
XP_002129440.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1A chain isoform 1 C. intestinalis 99.6 450
XP_966407.1 PREDICTED: similar to alpha-tubulin isoform 1 T. castaneum 99.6 449
NP_001036885.1 alpha-tubulin B. mori 99.6 449
XP_422851.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-3 chain G. gallus 99.6 449
NP_476772.1 alpha-Tubulin at 84B D. melanogaster 99.1 449
NP_497663.1 Protein MEC-12 C. elegans 96.9 449
NP_171974.1 tubulin alpha-2/alpha-4 chain A. thaliana 90.7 449
XP_001691876.1 alpha tubulin 1 C. reinhardtii 90.5 450
XP_963223.1 tubulin alpha-B chain N. crassa 85.1 448
NP_013625.1 Tub1p S. cerevisiae 80.0 446
Other hits (2 of 45) [Show all]SpeciesId(%)Len(aa)
XP_002580033.1 alpha tubulin S. mansoni 99.3 450
XP_003726964.1 PREDICTED: tubulin alpha-1C chain-like isoform 1 S. purpuratus 99.3 450

Tissues and development stages from this gene's sequences survey gene expression. Links to other NCBI expression resources.
EST Profile: Approximate expression patterns inferred from EST sources.
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GEO Profiles: Experimental gene expression data (Gene Expression Omnibus).
cDNA Sources: brain; embryonic tissue; uncharacterized tissue; testis; lung; eye; uterus; pharynx; kidney; pancreas; skin; placenta; connective tissue; ovary; intestine; nerve; mixed; blood; muscle; liver; stomach; mammary gland; salivary gland; lymph; heart; tonsil; cervix; vascular; prostate; thymus; ear; umbilical cord; bone; amniotic fluid; bladder; pituitary gland; thyroid; adrenal gland; spinal cord; larynx; esophagus; bone marrow; ganglia; parathyroid; adipose tissue; pineal gland; mouth; spleen; ascites; trachea
Genomic location specified by transcript mapping, radiation hybrid mapping, genetic mapping or cytogenetic mapping.
Chromosome: 12
Map position: 12q13.12
UniSTS entry: Tuba1a
UniSTS entry: Chr 12 RH48063 [Map Viewer]
UniSTS entry: Chr 12 PMC154451P2
UniSTS entry: Chr 12 WI-7090 [Map Viewer]
UniSTS entry: Chr 12 D5Arb10
UniSTS entry: Chr 12 Tuba8
UniSTS entry: Chr 12 PMC86714P2
UniSTS entry: Chr 12 STS-D51277
UniSTS entry: Chr 2 RH78682
UniSTS entry: Chr 12 G60179
Sequences representing this gene; mRNAs, ESTs, and gene predictions supported by transcribed sequences.

mRNA sequences (13)

BC050637.2 Homo sapiens tubulin, alpha 1a, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:60126 IMAGE:6050536), complete cds PA
K00557.1 human alpha-tubulin mRNA, 3' end P
BC057823.1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone IMAGE:5303872, containing frame-shift errors PA
NM_006009.3 Homo sapiens tubulin, alpha 1a (TUBA1A), transcript variant 1, mRNA PA
AF141347.1 Homo sapiens hum-a-tub2 alpha-tubulin mRNA, complete cds PA
AF141348.1 Homo sapiens hum-a-tub1 alpha-tubulin mRNA, partial cds P
BC006468.1 Homo sapiens tubulin, alpha 1a, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:2321 IMAGE:3528520), complete cds PA
AK057842.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ25113 fis, clone CBR05706, highly similar to TUBULIN ALPHA-1 CHAIN P
AK289483.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ77713 complete cds, highly similar to Homo sapiens tubulin, alpha 3 (TUBA3), mRNA P
AK297775.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ53765 complete cds, highly similar to Tubulin alpha chain PA
AK298838.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ53743 complete cds, highly similar to Tubulin alpha-3 chain P
NM_001270400.1 Homo sapiens tubulin, alpha 1a (TUBA1A), transcript variant 3, mRNA PA
NM_001270399.1 Homo sapiens tubulin, alpha 1a (TUBA1A), transcript variant 2, mRNA PA

EST sequences (10 of 5918) [Show all sequences]

AA903024.1 Clone IMAGE:1516941 uncharacterized tissue 3' read A
AA971187.1 Clone IMAGE:1575417 kidney 3' read A
R15936.1 Clone IMAGE:20119 brain 3' read
AA973175.1 Clone IMAGE:1597354 uncharacterized tissue 3' read
AA977974.1 Clone IMAGE:1592368 kidney 3' read A
AA983280.1 Clone IMAGE:1592512 kidney 3' read A
AA983347.1 Clone IMAGE:1590980 kidney 3' read PA
AA984346.1 Clone IMAGE:1629803 brain 3' read
AA988375.1 Clone IMAGE:1593540 kidney 3' read PA
T05627.1 Clone HFBDD35 brain

Key to Symbols

P Has similarity to known Proteins (after translation)
A Contains a poly-Adenylation signal
S Sequence is a Suboptimal member of this cluster
M Clone is putatively CDS-complete by MGC criteria

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