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UGID:131395     UniGene Hs.3416     Homo sapiens (human)   PLIN2
Perilipin 2 (PLIN2)

Human protein-coding gene PLIN2. Represented by 771 ESTs from 268 cDNA libraries. Corresponds to 2 reference sequences (different isoforms). [UniGene 131395 - Hs.3416]

Tissues and development stages from this gene's sequences survey gene expression. Links to other NCBI expression resources.
EST Profile: Approximate expression patterns inferred from EST sources.
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GEO Profiles: Experimental gene expression data (Gene Expression Omnibus).
cDNA Sources: placenta; liver; brain; uncharacterized tissue; lung; kidney; blood; testis; mixed; connective tissue; skin; uterus; embryonic tissue; heart; intestine; bone; adipose tissue; vascular; thymus; eye; umbilical cord; ovary; prostate; mammary gland; pharynx; bladder; stomach; pancreas; cervix; muscle; spleen; ear; thyroid; tonsil; lymph node; bone marrow; adrenal gland; lymph; esophagus; ascites; nerve; ganglia; parathyroid
Genomic location specified by transcript mapping, radiation hybrid mapping, genetic mapping or cytogenetic mapping.
Chromosome: 9
Map position: 9p22.1
UniSTS entry: Chr 9 STS-W55904 [Map Viewer]
UniSTS entry: Chr 1 D11S2921
UniSTS entry: Chr 1 PMC156606P3
UniSTS entry: Chr 1 PMC156606P4
UniSTS entry: Chr 1 D15S1477
Sequences representing this gene; mRNAs, ESTs, and gene predictions supported by transcribed sequences.

mRNA sequences (11)

NM_001122.3 Homo sapiens perilipin 2 (PLIN2), transcript variant 1, mRNA PA
CR536541.1 Homo sapiens full open reading frame cDNA clone RZPDo834E0620D for gene ADFP, adipose differentiation-related protein; complete cds, incl. stopcodon P
AK022061.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ11999 fis, clone HEMBB1001527 A
BC005127.2 Homo sapiens adipose differentiation-related protein, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:10598 IMAGE:3844174), complete cds PA
AF443203.1 Homo sapiens adipose differentiation-related protein mRNA, complete cds P
AK312983.1 Homo sapiens cDNA, FLJ93444, highly similar to Homo sapiens adipose differentiation-related protein (ADFP), mRNA P
AK094196.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ36877 fis, clone BEAST2000454
AK297920.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ59123 complete cds, moderately similar to Adipophilin P
AK296125.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ57380 complete cds, highly similar to Adipophilin P
NR_038064.1 Homo sapiens perilipin 2 (PLIN2), transcript variant 2, non-coding RNA PA
X97324.1 H.sapiens mRNA for adipophilin P

Model sequences (2)

XR_113197.1 PREDICTED: Homo sapiens uncharacterized LOC100509484 (LOC100509484), misc_RNA
XR_171769.1 PREDICTED: Homo sapiens uncharacterized LOC100509484 (LOC100509484), misc_RNA

EST sequences (10 of 771) [Show all sequences]

AA968862.1 Clone IMAGE:1573841 kidney 3' read A
AA977435.1 Clone IMAGE:1591066 kidney 3' read
AA977813.1 Clone IMAGE:1591553 kidney 3' read A
AA995763.1 Clone IMAGE:1606408 kidney 3' read A
AA904348.1 Clone IMAGE:1523497 mixed 3' read A
R18022.1 Clone IMAGE:124999 mixed 5' read
AA923175.1 Clone IMAGE:1544238 mixed 3' read P
AI094009.1 Clone IMAGE:1688043 mixed 3' read P
AI138686.1 Clone IMAGE:1710420 uterus 3' read P
CB045952.1 Clone IMAGE:3252568 kidney 3' read

Key to Symbols

P Has similarity to known Proteins (after translation)
A Contains a poly-Adenylation signal
S Sequence is a Suboptimal member of this cluster
M Clone is putatively CDS-complete by MGC criteria

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