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UGID:135037     UniGene Hs.25441     Homo sapiens (human)   KPTN
Kaptin (actin binding protein) (KPTN)

Human protein-coding gene KPTN. Represented by 141 ESTs from 95 cDNA libraries. Corresponds to reference sequence NM_007059.2. [UniGene 135037 - Hs.25441]

Tissues and development stages from this gene's sequences survey gene expression. Links to other NCBI expression resources.
EST Profile: Approximate expression patterns inferred from EST sources.
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GEO Profiles: Experimental gene expression data (Gene Expression Omnibus).
cDNA Sources: brain; uncharacterized tissue; lung; embryonic tissue; pituitary gland; thyroid; liver; ovary; eye; mixed; mouth; adrenal gland; blood; heart; intestine; kidney; epididymis; thymus; testis; tonsil; placenta; pancreas; cervix; ascites; lymph node; salivary gland; uterus; spleen; mammary gland; skin; esophagus; muscle; nerve; bone
Genomic location specified by transcript mapping, radiation hybrid mapping, genetic mapping or cytogenetic mapping.
Chromosome: 19
Map position: 19q13.32
UniSTS entry: Chr 19 KPTN
UniSTS entry: Chr 19 SHGC-2349 [Map Viewer]
Sequences representing this gene; mRNAs, ESTs, and gene predictions supported by transcribed sequences.

mRNA sequences (6)

NM_007059.2 Homo sapiens kaptin (actin binding protein) (KPTN), mRNA P
AF105369.1 Homo sapiens actin-associated protein 2E4/kaptin (2E4) mRNA, 2E4-1 allele, complete cds PA
AK023996.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ13934 fis, clone Y79AA1000794, highly similar to Kaptin P
AK225419.1 Homo sapiens mRNA for kaptin variant, clone: HRC08428 PA
BC009249.2 Homo sapiens kaptin (actin binding protein), mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:4257 IMAGE:3029623), complete cds PA
AK298672.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ60786 complete cds, highly similar to Kaptin P

EST sequences (10 of 141) [Show all sequences]

AI005300.1 Clone IMAGE:1626171 mixed 3' read P
R21053.1 Clone IMAGE:36107 brain 5' read P
AI186086.1 Clone IMAGE:1740419 lung 3' read P
AI205231.1 Clone IMAGE:1952637 brain 3' read P
CB125897.1 Clone L5HLK1s1-27-D12 liver 5' read
AI310697.1 Clone IMAGE:1915521 kidney 3' read PA
AI360240.1 Clone IMAGE:2018728 brain 3' read P
T17326.1 brain 3' read
AI380182.1 Clone IMAGE:2107330 uncharacterized tissue 3' read A
T08234.1 Clone HIBBA93 brain 5' read P

Key to Symbols

P Has similarity to known Proteins (after translation)
A Contains a poly-Adenylation signal
S Sequence is a Suboptimal member of this cluster
M Clone is putatively CDS-complete by MGC criteria

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