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GIFP00000000.1 Cannabis sativa

# of Contigs: 64,413
# of Proteins: 0
Total length: 55,924,982 bp
BioProject: PRJNA560453
BioSample: SAMN13503240, SAMN13503241, SAMN13503242, SAMN13503243, SAMN13503244, SAMN13503245, SAMN13503246, SAMN13503247, SAMN13503248, SAMN13503249, SAMN13503250, SAMN13503251, SAMN13503252, SAMN13503253, SAMN13503254, SAMN13503255, SAMN13503256, SAMN13503257, SAMN13503258, SAMN13503259, SAMN13503260, SAMN13503261, SAMN13503262, SAMN13503263, SAMN13503264, SAMN13503265, SAMN13503266, SAMN13503267, SAMN13503268, SAMN13503269, SAMN13503270, SAMN13503271, SAMN13503272, SAMN13503273, SAMN13503274, SAMN13503275, SAMN13503276, SAMN13503277, SAMN13503278, SAMN13503279, SAMN13503280, SAMN13503281, SAMN13503282, SAMN13503283, SAMN13503284, SAMN13503285, SAMN13503286, SAMN13503287, SAMN13503288, SAMN13503289, SAMN13503290, SAMN13503291, SAMN13503292, SAMN13503293, SAMN13503294, SAMN13503295, SAMN13503296, SAMN13503297, SAMN13503298, SAMN13503299, SAMN13503300, SAMN13503301, SAMN13503302, SAMN13503303, SAMN13503304, SAMN13503305, SAMN13503306, SAMN13503307, SAMN13503308, SAMN13503309, SAMN13503310
Sequence Read Archive: SRR10600874, SRR10600875, SRR10600876, SRR10600877, SRR10600878, SRR10600879, SRR10600880, SRR10600881, SRR10600882, SRR10600883, SRR10600884, SRR10600885, SRR10600886, SRR10600887, SRR10600888, SRR10600889, SRR10600890, SRR10600891, SRR10600892, SRR10600893, SRR10600894, SRR10600895, SRR10600896, SRR10600897, SRR10600898, SRR10600899, SRR10600900, SRR10600901, SRR10600902, SRR10600903, SRR10600904, SRR10600905, SRR10600906, SRR10600907, SRR10600908, SRR10600909, SRR10600910, SRR10600911, SRR10600912, SRR10600913, SRR10600914, SRR10600915, SRR10600916, SRR10600917, SRR10600918, SRR10600919, SRR10600920, SRR10600921, SRR10600922, SRR10600923, SRR10600924, SRR10600925, SRR10600926, SRR10600927, SRR10600928, SRR10600929, SRR10600930, SRR10600931, SRR10600932, SRR10600933, SRR10600934, SRR10600935, SRR10600936, SRR10600937, SRR10600938, SRR10600939, SRR10600940, SRR10600941, SRR10600942, SRR10600943, SRR10600944
Keywords: TSA
Organism: Cannabis sativashow lineagehide lineage
/mol_type = transcribed-RNA
TSA: GIFP01000001:GIFP01064413
Generation of a Comprehensive Transcriptome Atlas and Transcriptome Dynamics in Medicinal Cannabis : Sci Rep 9 (1), 16583 (2019) – Braich,S., Baillie,R.C., Jewell,L.S., Spangenberg,G.C., Cogan,N.O.I.
Submitted (26-DEC-2019) Department of Jobs, Precincts & Regions, DJPR, 5 Ring Road, Bundoora, Vic 3083, Australia – Braich,S., Baillie,R.C., Jewell,L.S., Spangenberg,G.C., Cogan,N.O.I.

The Cannabis sativa transcriptome shotgun assembly (TSA) project has the project accession GIFP00000000. This version of the project (01) has the accession number GIFP01000000, and consists of sequences GIFP01000001-GIFP01064413.

Raw sequence reads were filtered by using Cutadapt and a custom perl script for removing low-quality and adaptor sequences from the data. The filtered data was assembled using SOAPdenovo-TRANS with k-mer size of 73. To further improve the assembly, bubble, fork and complex loci from the SOAPdenovo-TRANS assembly were combined using the CAP3 assembler. The generated transcriptome assembly was compared using BLASTX against the UniRef100 database. Transcripts that displayed a significant match to non-plant databases based on their annotation were also removed from the final assembly.

Assembly Method : SOAPdenovo September-2018
Assembly Name : Cannbio
Sequencing Technology : Illumina HiSeq
GenBank:GIFP01.1.gbff.gz 28.5 Mb
FASTA:GIFP01.1.fsa_nt.gz 17.1 Mb
ASN.1:GIFP01.1.bbs.gz 15.3 Mb
Minor Version Create Date
0 01/06/2020
2 02/18/2020
3 10/28/2022