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GACE00000000.1 Rauvolfia serpentina

# of Contigs: 99,504
# of Proteins: 0
Total length: 112,892,199 bp
BioProject: PRJNA176963
BioSample: SAMN1798285
Sequence Read Archive: SRR125759, SRR125760, SRR125761, SRR125762, SRR125763, SRR125764, SRR125765, SRR125766, SRR125767, SRR125768, SRR125769
Keywords: TSA
Organism: Rauvolfia serpentinashow lineagehide lineage
/mol_type = mRNA
WGS: GACE01000001:GACE01099504
Development of transcriptomic resources for interrogating the biosynthesis of monoterpene indole alkaloids in medicinal plant species : PLoS ONE 7 (12), E52506 (2012) – show 15 authorshide authors
Gongora-Castillo,E., Childs,K.L., Fedewa,G., Hamilton,J.P., Liscombe,D.K., Magallanes-Lundback,M., Mandadi,K.K., Nims,E., Runguphan,W., Vaillancourt,B., Varbanova-Herde,M., Dellapenna,D., McKnight,T.D., O'Connor,S., Buell,C.R.
Submitted (06-NOV-2012) Plant Biology, Michigan State University, 612 Wilson Road, East Lansing, MI 48824-1312, USA – Gongora-Castillo,E.

Assembly Method : Velvet/Oases Velvet 1.0.17 Oases 0.1.18
Assembly Name : Rauvolfia serpentina
Sequencing Technology : Illumina GAII
GenBank:GACE01.1.gbff.gz 36 Mb
FASTA:GACE01.1.fsa_nt.gz 18.8 Mb
ASN.1:GACE01.1.bbs.gz 19.6 Mb