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CACQ00000000.2 Colletotrichum higginsianum

# of Contigs: 10,235
# of Proteins: 16,141
Total length: 49,084,868 bp
BioProject: PRJNA47061
BioSample: SAMEA3138427
Keywords: WGS
Annotation: Contigs
Organism: Colletotrichum higginsianumshow lineagehide lineage
/mol_type = genomic
/strain = IMI 349063
WGS: CACQ02000001:CACQ02010235
The Genome Sequence of Colletotrichum higginsianum IMI 34906 : Unpublished – show 39 authorshide authors
Ma,L.-J., O'Connell,R., van Themaat,E.V.L., Stueber,K., Young,S.K., Zeng,Q., Gargeya,S., Fitzgerald,M., Haas,B., Abouelleil,A., Alvarado,L., Arachchi,H.M., Berlin,A., Chapman,S.B., Gearin,G., Goldberg,J., Griggs,A., Gujja,S., Hansen,M., Heiman,D., Howarth,C., Larimer,J., Lui,A., MacDonald,P.J.P., McCowen,C., Montmayeur,A., Murphy,C., Neiman,D., Pearson,M., Priest,M., Roberts,A., Saif,S., Shea,T., Sisk,P., Stolte,C., Sykes,S., Wortman,J., Nusbaum,C., Birren,B.
Submitted (03-NOV-2010) to the INSDC. Stueber K., Bioinformatics, MPI for Plant Breeding Research, Carl von Linne-Weg 10, Cologne, D-50829, GERMANY – Stueber,K.
Submitted (14-DEC-2011) to the INSDC. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, 7 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA – Zeng,Q.

On Mar 15, 2012 this sequence version replaced gi:354951114.

The Colletotrichum higginsianum whole genome shotgun (WGS) project has the project accession CACQ00000000. This version of the project (02) has the accession number CACQ02000000, and consists of sequences CACQ02000001-CACQ02010235.

GenBank:CACQ02.1.gbff.gz 27.3 Mb
FASTA:CACQ02.1.fsa_nt.gz 14.8 Mb
ASN.1:CACQ02.1.bbs.gz 20.9 Mb