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CACF00000000.1 Streptococcus pneumoniae SPN7465

# of Contigs: 26
# of Proteins: 0
Total length: 2,084,938 bp
BioProject: PRJNA50813
BioSample: SAMEA3138305
Keywords: WGS
Organism: Streptococcus pneumoniae SPN7465show lineagehide lineage
/mol_type = genomic
/strain = SPN7465
WGS: CACF01000001:CACF01000026
Structure and dynamics of the pan-genome of Streptococcus pneumoniae and closely related species : Unpublished – show 18 authorshide authors
Donati,C., Hiller,N.L., Tettelin,H., Muzzi,A., Croucher,N.J., Angiuoli,S.V., Oggioni,M., Dunning Hotopp,J.C., Hu,F.Z., Riley,D., Covacci,A., Mitchell,T.J., Bentley,S.D., Kilian,M., Ehrlich,G.D., Rappuoli,R., Moxon,E.R., Masignani,V.
Submitted (28-JUL-2010) Sanger Institute, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 1SA, United Kingdom – Aslett,M.

The Streptococcus pneumoniae SPN7465 whole genome shotgun (WGS) project has the project accession CACF00000000. This version of the project (01) has the accession number CACF01000000, and consists of sequences CACF01000001-CACF01000026.

Data release policy

GenBank:CACF01.1.gbff.gz 871.3 kb
FASTA:CACF01.1.fsa_nt.gz 629.5 kb
ASN.1:CACF01.1.bbs.gz 501.5 kb