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BABS00000000.1 Acetobacter tropicalis NBRC 101654

# of Contigs: 773
# of Proteins: 3,538
Total length: 3,718,538 bp
BioProject: PRJDA46891
Sequence Read Archive: DRR002425
BioSample: SAMD00015735
Keywords: WGS
Annotation: Contigs
Organism: Acetobacter tropicalis NBRC 101654show lineagehide lineage
/mol_type = genomic
/strain = NBRC 101654
WGS: BABS01000001:BABS01000773
Increased number of Arginine-based salt bridges contributes to the thermotolerance of thermotolerant acetic acid bacteria, Acetobacter tropicalis SKU1100 : Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 409 (1), 120-124 (2011) – show 7 authorshide authors
Matsutani,M., Hirakawa,H., Nishikura,M., Soemphol,W., Ali,I.A., Yakushi,T., Matsushita,K.
Submitted (01-APR-2010) Contact:Minenosuke Matsutani Yamaguchi University Facluty of Agriculture, Department of Biological Chemistry; Yoshida 1677-1, Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi 753-8515, Japan – Matsutani,M., Matsushita,K.

The Acetobacter tropicalis NBRC 101654 whole genome shotgun (WGS) project has the project accession BABS00000000. This version of the project (01) has the accession number BABS01000000, and consists of sequences BABS01000001-BABS01000773.

Assembly Method : Velvet v. 0.7.28
Genome Coverage : 64X
Sequencing Technology : Illumina/Solexa
GenBank:BABS01.1.gbff.gz 2.6 Mb
FASTA:BABS01.1.fsa_nt.gz 1.1 Mb
ASN.1:BABS01.1.bbs.gz 1.9 Mb