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ABSN00000000.1 freshwater sediment metagenome

# of Contigs: 71,686
# of Proteins: 0
Total length: 57,622,063 bp
BioProject: PRJNA30127
BioSample: SAMN02954293
Keywords: WGS
Organism: freshwater sediment metagenomeshow lineagehide lineage
/collection_date = 15-May-2005
/country = USA: Lake Washington, Seattle
/isolation_source = Lake Washington Formaldehyde SIP enrichment; lake sediment; depth 63m; sample depth 0-1cm depth into sediment; sample incubated with labeled formaldehyde
/lat_lon = 47.63458 N 122.26655 W
/mol_type = genomic
WGS: ABSN01000001:ABSN01071686
High-resolution metagenomics targets specific functional types in complex microbial communities : Nat. Biotechnol. 26 (9), 1029-1034 (2008) – show 17 authorshide authors
Kalyuzhnaya,M.G., Lapidus,A., Ivanova,N., Copeland,A.C., McHardy,A.C., Szeto,E., Salamov,A., Grigoriev,I.V., Suciu,D., Levine,S.R., Markowitz,V.M., Rigoutsos,I., Tringe,S.G., Bruce,D.C., Richardson,P.M., Lidstrom,M.E., Chistoserdova,L.
Submitted (02-JUL-2008) Microbial Ecology Program, US DOE Joint Genome Institute, 2800 Mitchell Drive B100, Walnut Creek, CA 94598-1698, USA – show 25 authorshide authors
Lucas,S., Copeland,A., Lapidus,A., Glavina del Rio,T., Dalin,E., Tice,H., Bruce,D., Barry,K., Tringe,S., Pitluck,S., Kyrpides,N., Mavrommatis,K., Kalyuzhnaya,M.G., Ivanova,N., McHardy,A.C., Szeto,E., Salamov,A., Grigoriev,I.V., Suciu,D., Levine,S.R., Markowitz,V.M., Rigoutsos,I., Richardson,P.M., Lidstrom,M.E., Chistoserdova,L.

The freshwater sediment metagenome whole genome shotgun (WGS) project has the project accession ABSN00000000. This version of the project (01) has the accession number ABSN01000000, and consists of sequences ABSN01000001-ABSN01071686.

URL: JGI Project ID:4000846 Contact:Ludmila Chistoserdova ( David Bruce ( habitat type: sediment from Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington; sampling site latitude: N47 38.075; sampling site longitude: W122.15.993; sampling site depth: 0-1cm; sample depth: 63m below water level; collection date: 15 May 2005; sample treatment: 10-14 day incubation with 1mM 13C-labeled formaldehyde; DNA extraction: enzyme/detergent lysis, phenol extraction and isopropanol precipitation; 13C-labeled DNA isolated by CsCI purification. The JGI and collaborators endorse the principles for the distribution and use of large scale sequencing data adopted by the larger genome sequencing community and urge users of this data to follow them. It is our intention to publish the work of this project in a timely fashion and we welcome collaborative interaction on the project and analysis. (

GenBank:ABSN01.1.gbff.gz 28.9 Mb
FASTA:ABSN01.1.fsa_nt.gz 17.9 Mb
ASN.1:ABSN01.1.bbs.gz 17.2 Mb