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AAFB00000000.2 Entamoeba histolytica HM-1:IMSS

# of Contigs: 2,173 (1 is dead)
# of Proteins: 8,163
# of Scaffolds/Chrs: 1,529
Total length: 20,772,429 bp
BioProject: PRJNA142
BioSample: SAMN02953605
Keywords: WGS
Annotation: Scaffolds
Organism: Entamoeba histolytica HM-1:IMSSshow lineagehide lineage
/mol_type = genomic genomic
/strain = HM-1:IMSS
WGS: AAFB02000001:AAFB02002173
Scaffolds: DS571145:DS572673
1,529 scaffolds, 8,163 proteins, total length is 20,835,395 bases
The genome of the protist parasite Entamoeba histolytica : Nature 433 (7028), 865-868 (2005) – show 54 authorshide authors
Loftus,B., Anderson,I., Davies,R., Alsmark,U.C., Samuelson,J., Amedeo,P., Roncaglia,P., Berriman,M., Hirt,R.P., Mann,B.J., Nozaki,T., Suh,B., Pop,M., Duchene,M., Ackers,J., Tannich,E., Leippe,M., Hofer,M., Bruchhaus,I., Willhoeft,U., Bhattacharya,A., Chillingworth,T., Churcher,C., Hance,Z., Harris,B., Harris,D., Jagels,K., Moule,S., Mungall,K., Ormond,D., Squares,R., Whitehead,S., Quail,M.A., Rabbinowitsch,E., Norbertczak,H., Price,C., Wang,Z., Guillen,N., Gilchrist,C., Stroup,S.E., Bhattacharya,S., Lohia,A., Foster,P.G., Sicheritz-Ponten,T., Weber,C., Singh,U., Mukherjee,C., El-Sayed,N.M., Petri,W.A. Jr., Clark,C.G., Embley,T.M., Barrell,B., Fraser,C.M., Hall,N.
New assembly, reannotation and analysis of the Entamoeba histolytica genome reveal new genomic features and protein content information : PLoS Negl Trop Dis 4 (6), E716 (2010) – show 7 authorshide authors
Lorenzi,H.A., Puiu,D., Miller,J.R., Brinkac,L.M., Amedeo,P., Hall,N., Caler,E.V.
Submitted (30-NOV-2004) The Institute for Genomic Research, 9712 Medical Center Dr, Rockville, MD 20850, USA – Loftus,B.
Submitted (16-FEB-2007) The Institute for Genomic Research, 9712 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD 20850, USA – show 8 authorshide authors
Caler,E., Lorenzi,H., Thiagarajan,M., Schobel,S., Inman,J., Amedeo,P., Wortman,J., Hall,N.

On Mar 7, 2007 this sequence version replaced gi:56474869.

The Entamoeba histolytica HM-1:IMSS whole genome shotgun (WGS) project has the project accession AAFB00000000. This version of the project (02) has the accession number AAFB02000000, and consists of sequences AAFB02000001-AAFB02002173.

This version of the project (02) consists of a new assembly of the original sequences produced by TIGR and the Sanger Centre as part of the Entamoeba histolytica Genome Project. This version is an improved genome assembly that is being annotated at TIGR. Information about the original version published by Loftus et al. is available at TIGR ( and the Sanger Centre ( Contig AAFB02001677 was removed because it may contain contamination. Annotated scaffolds were added in March 2008. Proteins were tracked from the contigs of the 01 version of the project to the scaffolds of the 02 version. This version of the project, JCVI-ESG2-1.0, represents 8x coverage of the genome.

Assembly Name : JCVI-ESG2-1.0
Genome Coverage : 8x
Sequencing Technology : Sanger
GenBank:AAFB02.1.gbff.gz 8.6 Mb
FASTA:AAFB02.1.fsa_nt.gz 5.8 Mb
ASN.1:AAFB02.1.bbs.gz 4.5 Mb