2JYW: Solution Structure of C-terminal Domain of Apobec3g
MMDB ID: 62648help
PDB Deposition Date: 2007/12/20help
Updated in MMDB: 03/2011  help
Experimental Method:
Solution NMR help
Source Organism:
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Chen KM, Harjes E, Gross PJ, Fahmy A, Lu Y, Shindo K, Harris RS, Matsuo H
Nature (2008) 452 p.116
Molecules and interactionshelp
Label Count Molecule Interactions
Protein and interactions (1 molecule)
DNA Dc->du-editing Enzyme Apobec-3g
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  • Zinc Ion
Chemical and interactions (1 molecule)
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  • DNA Dc->du-editing Enzyme Apobec-3g
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