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pfam12662: cEGF 
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Complement Clr-like EGF-like
cEGF, or complement Clr-like EGF, domains have six conserved cysteine residues disulfide-bonded into the characteristic pattern 'ababcc'. They are found in blood coagulation proteins such as fibrillin, Clr and Cls, thrombomodulin, and the LDL receptor. The core fold of the EGF domain consists of two small beta-hairpins packed against each other. Two major structural variants have been identified based on the structural context of the C-terminal cysteine residue of disulfide 'c' in the C-terminal hairpin: hEGFs and cEGFs. In cEGFs the C-terminal thiol resides on the C-terminal beta-sheet, resulting in long loop-lengths between the cysteine residues of disulfide 'c', typically C[10+]XC. These longer loop-lengths may have arisen by selective cysteine loss from a four-disulfide EGF template such as laminin or integrin. Tandem cEGF domains have five linking residues between terminal cysteines of adjacent domains. cEGF domains may or may not bind calcium in the linker region. cEGF domains with the consensus motif CXN4X[F,Y]XCXC are hydroxylated exclusively on the asparagine residue.
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Sequence Alignment
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2W2M_E                49 GYECLCPDGFQL-VAQ-RRCEDIDE 71   human
Q75N90              2187 SYLCTCPAGYTLrEDG-AMCRDVDe 2210 human
XP_021546205         248 GPLCTCPRGYELdEDQ-KTCIDVDD 271  Hawaiian monk seal
AAO18149              51 SYECKCPAGHKQsETS-HRCEDVDE 74   chicken
XP_001635828         237 GFECICPDGFTVtEG---VCKDVDE 258  starlet sea anemone
WGS:AAPU:GI13136-PB  958 SYQCACPAGYQLaANA-RDCQDVDE 981  Drosophila mojavensis
Q7PPC0               176 GYQCTCPAGYELaDDD-KHCQDVDE 199  Anopheles gambiae str. PEST
Q862Z3                91 SYLCTCPDGFRLt-PG-LGCIDVDE 113  dog
EDS41647             324 APVCTCPAGYT--GNPgRKCVPVTT 346  southern house mosquito
XP_002591947          20 TYECTCPDGFVL--IG-EDCLDVDE 41   Florida lancelet
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