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pfam11420: Subtilosin_A 
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Bacteriocin subtilosin A
Subtilosin A is a bacteriocin from Bacillus subtilis.The protein has a cyclized peptide backbone and forms three cross-liks between the sulphurs of Cys13, Cys7 and Cys4 and the alpha-positions of Phe22,Thr28 and Phe31.
PSSM-Id: 371520
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Aligned: 5 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 43.2809
Threshold Setting Gi: 349587960
Created: 11-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
Aligned Rows:
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Sequence Alignment
Format: Row Display: Color Bits: Type Selection:
1PXQ_A                1 NKGCATCSIGAACLVDGPIPDFEIAGAXGLXGLwG 35  Bacillus subtilis
PHACNML:SIR_1318     24 NKFCAACSIGAACLADGPIPDFEVAAIAGLFGI-A 57  Streptococcus intermedius B196
ERK54173             11 FKPCAACSIAGACLVDGPIPDFELAAVEGLLGRaC 45  Propionibacterium acidifaciens F0233
Corbion:BSM4216_1190  9 NKGCSACSIGALCLADGPVPDFEVAAISGTFGLvG 43  Bacillus smithii
WP_053585013          9 NKGCSACSIGAICLITGPVPDFEVASISGIFSVwG 43  Lysinibacillus contaminans
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