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pfam10680: RRN9 
RNA polymerase I specific transcription initiation factor
Initiation of transcription of ribosomal DNA (rDNA) in yeast involves an interaction of upstream activation factor (UAF) with the upstream element of the promoter, to form a stable UAF-template complex. UAF, together with the TATA-binding transcription initiation factor protein TBP, then recruits an essential core factor to the promoter, to form a stable preinitiation complex. This Rrn9 domain, which seems to be constrained to fungi, is the two highly conserved regions of proteins which form one of the subunits of UAF and appears to be the region responsible for the interaction with TBP. The family includes the S.pombe Arc1 protein, which is found to be essential for the accumulation of condensin at kinetochores.
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Created: 11-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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Q2HCV0       140 ENARKEDLAVHLYNVFAL------RRGLRVGPDVEdgqgrgqgqgggggggggvgdgdgeGGGG-GVGWKGGEGWEPG-- 210 Chaetomium glob...
EPS42096      47 DDRSREDLSQHLHFIYHLnqfylgRSRVSNVESGSaq---------------------gsEGAK-EIEANRRKSVVPSl- 103 Dactylellina ha...
CAR21970      43 EHTHRGDLALHLYSTHLL------KSVLK-------------------------------AANR-KKFALETNTFIKTqi 84  Lachancea therm...
CCH59156      35 ETNHQTDLATHLYSTFLL------KNLLR-------------------------------RSNR-KKYPQEIDAYIKSni 76  Tetrapisispora ...
XP_003675408  57 EHIHRTDLTLHLYSSFLL------KKLLR-------------------------------RANS-RKFPYETDQFIKNki 98  Naumovozyma cas...
XP_003955798  56 EHNHRNDLSLHLYSSFLL------KKLLY-------------------------------KANS-KKHAYETNQFIKTqi 97  Kazachstania af...
CCK72117      53 EYAHRNDLPLHLYSSFLL------KKLLC-------------------------------RANE-RKHAYEVNKFIQHni 94  Kazachstania na...
CCD27240      49 EHSHRTDLTLHLYSSFLL------KRLLT-------------------------------KANQ-KKYPYETEQFIKTqi 90  Naumovozyma dai...
XP_003645227  18 EQQHRHDLTLHLYSSYLL------KQLIR-------------------------------KAHK-KKRALEAEVFIKTmi 59  Eremothecium cy...
Q6CSD5        17 DQEQRNDLSVHLYSAHLL------KHLLY-------------------------------RANKdEKNILRTETFVKTvl 59  Kluyveromyces l...
Q2HCV0       211 -KAWTAWPMRADEVpgggllPRTAD 234 Chaetomium globosum CBS 148.51
EPS42096     104 kHRWRAWPLPVQQT------PRLDL 122 Dactylellina haptotyla CBS 200.50
CAR21970      85 kDNWTSWPNPSTVId-----PRTNS 104 Lachancea thermotolerans CBS 6340
CCH59156      77 kDSWTSWPNKKNIId-----PMTDS 96  Tetrapisispora blattae CBS 6284
XP_003675408  99 kENWVSWPNPQTIId-----PQTNK 118 Naumovozyma castellii CBS 4309
XP_003955798  98 kDNWVSWPNPNAIId-----PQTNN 117 Kazachstania africana CBS 2517
CCK72117      95 kDSWVSWPNENTAIn-----PQTDT 114 Kazachstania naganishii CBS 8797
CCD27240      91 kDNWVSWPNANTVId-----PQSDK 110 Naumovozyma dairenensis CBS 421
XP_003645227  60 kDNWTSWPSPNTVId-----PHIDK 79  Eremothecium cymbalariae DBVPG#7215
Q6CSD5        60 kEDWTAWPSRNSIId-----PNTSD 79  Kluyveromyces lactis
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