Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam10562: CaM_bdg_C0 
Calmodulin-binding domain C0 of NMDA receptor NR1 subunit
This is a very short highly conserved domain that is C-terminal to the cytosolic transmembrane region IV of the NMDA-receptor 1. It has been shown to bind Calmodulin-Calcium with high affinity. The ionotropic N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) is a major source of calcium flux into neurons in the brain and plays a critical role in learning, memory, neural development, and synaptic plasticity. Calmodulin (CaM) regulates NMDARs by binding tightly to the C0 and C1 regions of their NR1 subunit. The conserved tryptophan is considered to be the anchor residue.
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Threshold Setting Gi: 122063963
Created: 11-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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EEC15663      512 IVYKKHQTRKQRRLELARHAADKWRGAVE 540  black-legged tick
XP_028025350  844 VVYKRHQIRKQKRLEIARHAADRWRGAVE 872  wild silkworm
Q7PXM3        853 VVYKKHQIKKQKKMEIARHAADKWRGTIE 881  Anopheles gambiae str. PEST
XP_002424050  847 MAYKKHQIKKQKRLELARHAADKWRGAIE 875  human body louse
EFN89750      892 IAYKKHHMRRQKKLDTMRNVIDKWRGMIQ 920  Jerdon's jumping ant
EDO35545      819 ILYHKHRGWKEEQKELAKKTTDKWRANIL 847  starlet sea anemone
EKC19122      837 IAYKRHRGLKDKELELARNAADRWRGNIE 865  Pacific oyster
XP_005161117  851 IAYKRHKDARRKQMQLAFAAVNVWRKNLQ 879  zebrafish
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