Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam10461: Peptidase_S68 
Peptidase S68
This family of serine peptidases contains PIDD proteins. PIDD forms a complex with RAIDD and procaspase-2 that is known as the 'PIDDosome'. The PIDDosome forms when DNA damage occurs and either activates NF-kappaB, leading to cell survival, or caspase-2, which leads to apoptosis.
PSSM-Id: 402200
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Aligned: 10 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 29.0345
Threshold Setting Gi: 0
Created: 21-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
Aligned Rows:
Sequence Alignment
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XP_023199787 448 WSTLPTELRRGSEEHCc--------YpggrparlACSSVSHFSWFMAVSR 489  southern platyfish
ELV12606     364 WSDLETYLEEQVPKRL---------W--------AHCRVRHFSWFHVVSR 396  Chinese tree shrew
Q9ERV7       426 WNDLETQLEEEAPKRL---------W--------ARCQVPHFSWFLVVLR 458  house mouse
XP_027314513 409 WSDLRTQVEQETKSKKh--------V--------AHCRVLHFSWFLVVSR 442  mallard
XP_019470976 409 WSDLRTQVE-KRRSKKd--------V--------ARCSVLHFSWFLVVSR 441  turkey
XP_008106536 409 WSELGTRVKHKGKMH----------F--------ACCSVPHFSWFVVVSR 440  green anole
3_pfamImport   1 WSTLPTVLRRG---------------------------LRQFSWFMVVSR 23  
XP_005046915 412 WSDLKTRVKRKRKSKKc--------V--------AHCCVLHFSWFLVVSR 445  Collared flycatcher
CAG08777     350 WSPLPTALRRGSKHRSa--------Y--------HRGRVPRFSWFMVVSR 383  spotted green pufferfish
AWP08346     499 WSTLPTDLRKGSESHSchpggrpgrL--------ACCSVSQFSWFMAVSR 540  turbot
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