Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam10439: Bacteriocin_IIc 
Bacteriocin class II with double-glycine leader peptide
This is a family of bacteriocidal bacteriocins secreted by Streptococcal species in order to kill off closely-related competitor Gram-positives. The sequence includes the peptide precursor, this being cleaved off proteolytically at the double-glycine. The family does not carry the YGNGVXC motif characteristic of pediocin-like Bacteriocins, Bacteriocin_II pfam01721. The producer bacteria are protected from the effects of their own bacteriocins by production of a specific immunity protein which is co-transcribed with the genes encoding the bacteriocins, eg family EntA_Immun pfam08951. The bacteriocins are structurally more specific than their immunity-protein counterparts. Typically, production of the bacteriocin gene is from within an operon carrying up to 6 genes including a typical two-component regulatory system (R and H), a small peptide pheromone (C), and a dedicated ABC transporter (A and -B) as well as an immunity protein. The ABC transporter is thought to recognize the N termini of both the pheromone and the bacteriocins and to transport these peptides across the cytoplasmic membrane, concurrent with cleavage at the conserved double-glycine motif. Cleaved extracellular C can then bind to the sensor kinase, H, resulting in activation of R and up-regulation of the entire gene cluster via binding to consensus sequences within each promoter. It seems likely that this whole regulon is carried on a transmissible plasmid which is passed between closely related Firmicute species since many clinical isolates from different Firmicutes can produce at least two bacteriocins. and the same bacteriocins can be produced by different species.
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Created: 11-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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CAR41231       1 MEkllfqkrkvdilmnsniEFDSIDTELLEKVIGGk---------NNWQANVSGILAAGAAGAAIGAPvcglacgyigak 71  Streptococcus u...
Q8DSB5         7 LE-----------------QFDAMDVDMLAAVEGGnw-------gQCIVGTGSSALAGGLAGAGTGAAvsapa--aeggg 60  Streptococcus m...
Q8DSB1        23 LD-----------------QFETMDTDMLAAVEGGfgwdsiwrgfKCVAGTAGTIGTGALGGSATGGL------------ 73  Streptococcus m...
Q8DVP7         6 FE-----------------QFNVMDNEALSTVEGGgm-------iRCALGTAGSAGLGFVGGMGAGTV------------ 49  Streptococcus m...
Q8DS95         6 FE-----------------QFNVMDNEALSAVEGG--------------GRGWNCAAGIALGAGQGYMata------ggt 48  Streptococcus m...
Q8DSA2         6 LE-----------------QFDVMDSQVPSAIEGG----------------GCSWKGADKAGFSGGVG------------ 40  Streptococcus m...
Q8DWB7         6 FE-----------------QFDVMDSQTLSTVEGG-------------------KVSGGEAVAAIGIC------------ 37  Streptococcus m...
Q8DRN0         6 MS-----------------QFEIMDTEMLACVEGG----------------GCNWGDFAKAGVGGGAVrg--------lq 44  Streptococcus p...
Q5M2W2         6 IE-----------------NFNTLDLETLASVEGG----------------GCSWGGFAKQGVATGVGng--------lr 44  Streptococcus t...
WP_010075141   1 MT-----------------NFETCTMDELVLIDGGdws-----wkSLAQSTVSGAVGGAIAGSAGGTV------------ 46  Clostridium cel...
CAR41231      72 TAITLWAGVTGATGGFK 88  Streptococcus uberis 0140J
Q8DSB5        61 LGPIAGAAIGWDLGAIS 77  Streptococcus mutans
Q8DSB1        74 TLPIIGHVSGGIIGGIS 90  Streptococcus mutans
Q8DVP7        50 TLPVVGTVSGAALGGWS 66  Streptococcus mutans
Q8DS95        49 AFLGPYAIGTGAFGAIA 65  Streptococcus mutans
Q8DSA2        41 ---GLIGAGGNPVGGVL 54  Streptococcus mutans
Q8DWB7        38 ------ATASAAIGGLA 48  Streptococcus mutans
Q8DRN0        45 LGIKTRTWQGAATGAAG 61  Streptococcus pneumoniae R6
Q5M2W2        45 LGIKTRTWQGAVAGAAG 61  Streptococcus thermophilus LMG 18311
WP_010075141  47 TLPVVGTVGGGVGGGIL 63  Clostridium cellulovorans
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