Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam08686: PLAC 
PLAC (protease and lacunin) domain
The PLAC (protease and lacunin) domain is a short six-cysteine region that is usually found at the C terminal of proteins. It is found in a range of proteins including PACE4 (paired basic amino acid cleaving enzyme 4) and the extracellular matrix protein lacunin.
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Created: 21-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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EKC38954       325 CVDSa-----sKVKCSLIVAARLCGHTRYSRPCCESCQ 357  Pacific oyster
EDO43067       496 CEDDe-----sVAECSIVKRVNYCRHSFYQKACCKTCR 528  starlet sea anemone
XP_001949115  1130 CKDHs------KHNCKNVKQMNMCHLRQYQTQCCLSCa 1161 pea aphid
KRF80969      1391 CRDA-------SRYCRNARAMGLCRLHRYKEKCCGSCQ 1421 Drosophila virilis
EKC20082       688 CHDH-------SRYCSLVGRLKMCRYETFREKCCQTCK 718  Pacific oyster
RLQ71149       681 CKDateeswaeGGFCMLVKKNNLCQRKVLQQLCCKTCT 718  Chinese hamster
XP_030833073   964 CSDE-------GSYCSLVHRLQMCNNPSYQRRCCKTCQ 994  purple sea urchin
XP_317715     1259 CKDL-------SRYCKNVKSMGLCRLHRYQQQCCKTCR 1289 Anopheles gambiae str. PEST
XP_021208563  1260 CRDT-------SRFCENVRAMNMCALKRYKEQCCKTCS 1290 domestic silkworm
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