Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam08057: Ery_res_leader2 
Erythromycin resistance leader peptide
This family consists of erythromycin resistance gene leader peptides. These leader peptides are involved in the transcriptional attenuation control of the synthesis of the macrolide-lincosamide -streptogramin B resistance protein. It acts as a transcriptional attenuator, in contrast to other inducible erm genes. The mRNA leader sequence can fold in either of two mutually exclusive conformations, one of which is postulated to form in the absence of induction, and to contain two rho factor-independent terminators..
PSSM-Id: 71493
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Created: 23-Mar-2022
Updated: 13-Oct-2022
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P62187  1 MTHSMRLRFPTLNQ 14 Bacillus anthracis
P62187  1 MTHSMRLRFPTLNQ 14 Bacillus anthracis
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