Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam08043: Xin 
Xin repeat
The repeat has the consensus sequence GDV(K/Q/R)(T/S/G)X(R/K/T) WLFETXPLD. This repeat motif is typically found in the N-terminus of the proteins, with a copy number between 2 and 28 repeats. Direct evidence for binding to and stabilizing F-actin has been found in the human protein XIRP1. The homologs in mouse and chicken localize in the adherens junction complex of the intercalated disc in cardiac muscle and in the myotendon junction of skeletal muscle. mXin may co-localize with Vinculin which is known to attach the actin to the cytoplasmic membrane. It has been shown that the amino-terminus of human xin (CMYA1) binds the EVH1 domain of Mena/VASP/EVL, and the carboxy-terminus binds the, for the filamin family unique, domain 20 of filaminC. This confirms the proposed role of xin repeat containing proteins as F-actin-binding adapter proteins.
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Created: 21-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
Format: Row Display: Color Bits: Type Selection:
XP_015209746   582 GDVKTTKWLFETQSQD 597  spotted gar
XP_009296787   605 SNVKTCKWLFETKPMD 620  zebrafish
XP_016796258   589 GDVQTIRWLFETCPMS 604  chimpanzee
CAF97678       778 GDVQTCKWFFETEPMN 793  spotted green pufferfish
19_pfamImport    1 GDVNNCKWLFETQPMN 16  
31_pfamImport    1 GDVQTTKHLFETLPIE 16  
EGW07694       817 GDVRSCTRLFETQPLD 832  Chinese hamster
18_pfamImport    1 GDVKTCTWLFESQTLD 16  
XP_019659981   904 GDVKACTWLFETKPLD 919  giant panda
XP_012826760   762 GDVQSCQWMFETIPID 777  tropical clawed frog
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