Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam07142: DUF1388 
Repeat of unknown function (DUF1388)
This family consists of several repeats of around 29 residues in length. Members of this family are found in the variable surface lipoproteins in Mycoplasma bovis and in mammalian neurofilament triplet H (NefH or NF-H) proteins. This repeat contains several Lys-Ser-Pro (KSP) motifs and in NefH these are thought to function as the main target for neurofilament directed protein kinases in vivo.
PSSM-Id: 399845
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Aligned: 21 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 26.42
Threshold Setting Gi: 81954381
Created: 21-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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XP_004766533  508 EEAKSPVGAKSPekEEAKSPTEAKSPVKE 536  domestic ferret
XP_001597034  207 GGAQKPVGAQRP--GDVKKPGDLKRPVDV 233  Sclerotinia sclerotiorum 1980 UF-70
XP_001612813  797 GENRFPGESRLP--GENRFPGENRFPGEN 823  malaria parasite P. vivax
NP_036739     666 AEAKSPVEVKSP--ASVKSPSEAKSPAGA 692  Norway rat
P19246        573 AEAKSPAEPKSP--ATVKSPGEAKSPSEA 599  house mouse
P19246        615 AEAKSPAEAKSP--AEAKSPAEAKSPATV 641  house mouse
P16884        644 AEVKSPATVKSP--VEAKSPAEVKSPVTV 670  Norway rat
P16884        686 ASVKSPSEAKSP--AGAKSPAEAKSPVVA 712  Norway rat
Q8QUU2         36 AKRRSPAKRRSP--AKRRSPVRRRSPARR 62   Infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus
XP_023339084  387 GSARTPGSARTP--GSARTPGSARTPGSA 413  Eurytemora affinis
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