Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam06298: PsbY 
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Photosystem II protein Y (PsbY)
This family consists of several bacterial and plant photosystem II protein Y (PsbY) sequences. PsbY is a manganese-binding protein that has an L-arginine metabolising enzyme activity.
PSSM-Id: 399361
Aligned: 45 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 29.9056
Threshold Setting Gi: 497453428
Created: 21-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
Aligned Rows:
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Sequence Alignment
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5KAI_R              1 MDWRVLVVLLPVLLAAGWAVRNILPYAVKQVQKLL 35  Thermosynechococcus elongatus BP-1
XP_009406386       88 gDNRGLALLIPLVPAVLWVLYNILQPALNQLNRMr 122 wild Malaysian banana
EEF47588           85 gDNRGLALLLPIIPALGWVLFNILRPALNQINRMr 119 castor bean
EFH64877           76 sDNRGLALLLPIIPAIAWVLYNILQPAINQVNKMr 110 Arabidopsis lyrata subsp. lyrata
jgi:Pse7367_2502    1 MDLRVLIVLGPIVLVIGWAAFNILTAAAKGEAKLF 35  Pseudanabaena sp. PCC 7367
jgi:Syn7502_03039   3 aDLRPLLVLAPIGLVVVWAAYNMTKAVLKGEAKLF 37  Synechococcus sp. PCC 7502
jgi:Cyagr_0891      1 MDLRLLLVAAPILLAVGWAAFNIGRAAVGQLQLML 35  Cyanobium gracile PCC 6307
XP_024363477       92 gDNRVVALLIPLVPAIGWVLFNILKPALNQVDKMk 126 Physcomitrella patens
XP_024532492       89 sDSRGLALLVPLVPAVGWVLFNILRPGLNQFERMk 123 Selaginella moellendorffii
XP_024532492      237 sDNRGLLLLLVILPAIGWVLFNILKPALNQLNNMk 271 Selaginella moellendorffii
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