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pfam00658: PABP 
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Poly-adenylate binding protein, unique domain
The region featured in this family is found towards the C-terminus of poly(A)-binding proteins (PABPs). These are eukaryotic proteins that, through their binding of the 3' poly(A) tail on mRNA, have very important roles in the pathways of gene expression. They seem to provide a scaffold on which other proteins can bind and mediate processes such as export, translation and turnover of the transcripts. Moreover, they may act as antagonists to the binding of factors that allow mRNA degradation, regulating mRNA longevity. PABPs are also involved in nuclear transport. PABPs interact with poly(A) tails via RNA-recognition motifs (pfam00076). Note that the PABP C-terminal region is also found in members of the hyperplastic discs protein (HYD) family of ubiquitin ligases that contain HECT domains - these are also included in this family.
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Sequence Alignment
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6H7A_A        21 ELESMSPQEQRAALGDRLFLK-------------------V----YEIAP-EL-APKITGMFLE---MKPKEAYELLNDQ 72  Leishmania major
Q6CDH3       549 ALENAPEEQHKQLVGEALYPK-------------------VlaekAIDGNaEF-AGKITGMLLE---MPIKEILEVIDDE 605 Yarrowia lipoly...
Q6CG61       501 VAAAATPQAAKEIVGETLYPI-------------------VqrhpAIGKDaDT-TAHVTGIMLQ---HDNADILSWLEDE 557 Yarrowia lipoly...
Q1ZXC2       739 FITNATAEEATETLGSEVYNL-------------------Vl--aKYNNNiEL-AAKIAGMIVDa-vPEHKELFEII-SN 794 Dictyostelium d...
A0BHJ6       505 DFSKLTTSDQRMILGNLLFNK-------------------VqkkvQDKGV----ANHIVGMLIEpssFTISDIFDFFEND 561 Paramecium tetr...
Q23D16       685 DLVDKTDEQKKQLLGKPLMEK-------------------VgqslPEHQK-PL-AGKITNLLLDfeiYEPEEIISMLSNA 743 Tetrahymena the...
A0DLY6       417 MVDRGQKQQVTDLIGMQLFPK-------------------VtqvvGPIN-----APQVTGILLDfenYQLSDQVRMIQDS 472 Paramecium tetr...
A0C144       436 LLAEGNQKRVTDTIGVLLFPL-------------------VnqqvEQKL-----APQVTGILLDfenYGLEDQLKMLQNA 491 Paramecium tetr...
A0BVN1       444 LQAQGNEKKITAIVGAILFPL-------------------VnqqvEQKL-----APQVTGILLDfenYGLEDQFKMLQDA 499 Paramecium tetr...
XP_004037088 536 EFAKIEDEQKRTILGQIIFHKiqklslikeqvgivlkienAndvqQRIELfQKeNSKITGMLIDkdvFEIKDMLEFVEFN 615 Ichthyophthiriu...
6H7A_A        73 KRLEERVTEALCVL 86  Leishmania major
Q6CDH3       606 EGLQAQINDAITAY 619 Yarrowia lipolytica CLIB122
Q6CG61       558 QLLNKRIQQASDAY 571 Yarrowia lipolytica
Q1ZXC2       795 GQIQSKIEEAKSLL 808 Dictyostelium discoideum
A0BHJ6       562 QDLNDYIEDGLELI 575 Paramecium tetraurelia
Q23D16       744 DELKENIGTALELI 757 Tetrahymena thermophila SB210
A0DLY6       473 AYLGENIRQALEIL 486 Paramecium tetraurelia
A0C144       492 PYLTEQINQAVDLI 505 Paramecium tetraurelia
A0BVN1       500 TYLNEQINQAVDLI 513 Paramecium tetraurelia
XP_004037088 616 QELIERCDEAIQLI 629 Ichthyophthirius multifiliis
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