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Ankyrin repeat
Ankyrins are multifunctional adaptors that link specific proteins to the membrane-associated, spectrin- actin cytoskeleton. This repeat-domain is a 'membrane-binding' domain of up to 24 repeated units, and it mediates most of the protein's binding activities. Repeats 13-24 are especially active, with known sites of interaction for the Na/K ATPase, Cl/HCO(3) anion exchanger, voltage-gated sodium channel, clathrin heavy chain and L1 family cell adhesion molecules. The ANK repeats are found to form a contiguous spiral stack such that ion transporters like the anion exchanger associate in a large central cavity formed by the ANK repeat spiral, while clathrin and cell adhesion molecules associate with specific regions outside this cavity.
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Sequence Alignment
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2DZO_C   71 SGWTPFHIACs---vGNLEVVKSLYd-RplkpD-LNKITN 105  baker's yeast
Q01484  562 KGFTPLHVAAk---yGSLDVAKLLLqrRa---AaDSAGKn 595  human
1N11_A  145 KGFTPLHVAAk---yGKVRVAELLLerDa---HpNAAGKn 178  human
O70511  572 KGFTPLHVAAk---yGKLEVASLLL--Qks-aS-PDAAGK 604  Norway rat
Q17343  226 SGFTPLHIAAhygheN---VGQLLLekGa---N-VNYQAR 258  Caenorhabditis elegans
P16157  205 TGFTPLHIAAhyenlN---VAQLLLnrGa---S-VNFTPQ 237  human
Q01484  595 NGLTPLHVAAhydnqK---VALLLLekGa---S-PHATAK 627  human
Q17343  589 NQVTPLHV-Aah--yNNDKVAMLLLe-Ng--aS-AKAAAK 621  Caenorhabditis elegans
Q01484  232 SGFTPLHIAAhygnvN---VATLLLnrGa---A-VDFTAR 264  human
Q25338  773 EGYTSLHIAAmrkepE---IAVVLIenGa---D-IEARSA 805  black widow
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