Conserved Protein Domain Family

cl39045: MukF_N Superfamily 
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bacterial condensin complex subunit MukF, N-terminal domain
MukF is part of the MukBEF condensin complex that is mainly found in proteobacteria and is involved in chromosome organization and condensation. The complex is believed to serve as a part of the chromosome scaffold rather than a bulk DNA packing protein. MukE and MukF form a stable complex with each other and dynamically associate with MukB, a member of the SMC protein family. MukEF does not bind DNA on its own but modulates MukB-DNA activity. The stoichiometry of the MukEF complex is MukE4F2.
Accession: cl39045
PSSM Id: 423032
Name: MukF_N
Created: 8-Jan-2020
Updated: 24-Nov-2020
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