Conserved Protein Domain Family

cl26582: VapB_antitoxin Superfamily 
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Bacterial antitoxin of type II TA system, VapB
VapB is the antitoxin of a bacterial toxin-antitoxin gene pair. The cognate toxin is VapC, pfam05016. The family contains several related antitoxins from Cyanobacteria and Actinobacterial families. Antitoxins of this class carry an N-terminal ribbon-helix-helix domain, RHH, that is highly conserved across all type II bacterial antitoxins, which dimerizes with the RHH domain of a second VapB molecule. A hinge section follows the RHH, with an additional pair of flexible alpha helices at the C-terminus. This C-terminus is the Toxin-binding region of the dimer, and so is specific to the cognate toxin, whereas the RHH domain has the specific function of lying across the RNA-binding groove of the toxin dimer and inactivating the active-site - a more general function of all antitoxins.
Accession: cl26582
PSSM Id: 421349
Name: VapB_antitoxin
Created: 5-Dec-2016
Updated: 24-Nov-2020
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