Conserved Protein Domain Family

cl19952: Gly_transf_sug Superfamily 
Glycosyltransferase sugar-binding region containing DXD motif
The DXD motif is a short conserved motif found in many families of glycosyltransferases, which add a range of different sugars to other sugars, phosphates and proteins. DXD-containing glycosyltransferases all use nucleoside diphosphate sugars as donors and require divalent cations, usually manganese. The DXD motif is expected to play a carbohydrate binding role in sugar-nucleoside diphosphate and manganese dependent glycosyltransferases.
Accession: cl19952
PSSM Id: 418730
Name: Gly_transf_sug
Created: 16-Jan-2014
Updated: 24-Nov-2020
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