Conserved Protein Domain Family

cl02784: Chelatase_Class_II Superfamily 
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Class II Chelatase: a family of ATP-independent monomeric or homodimeric enzymes that catalyze the insertion of metal into protoporphyrin rings. This family includes protoporphyrin IX ferrochelatase (HemH), sirohydrochlorin ferrochelatase (SirB) and the cobaltochelatases, CbiK and CbiX. HemH and SirB are involved in heme and siroheme biosynthesis, respectively, while the cobaltochelatases are associated with cobalamin biosynthesis. Excluded from this family are the ATP-dependent heterotrimeric chelatases (class I) and the multifunctional homodimeric enzymes with dehydrogenase and chelatase activities (class III).
Accession: cl02784
PSSM Id: 413475
Name: Chelatase_Class_II
Created: 8-Feb-2008
Updated: 24-Nov-2020
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