Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam13854: Kelch_5 
Kelch motif
The kelch motif was initially discovered in Kelch. In this protein there are six copies of the motif. It has been shown that Drosophila ring canal kelch protein is related to Galactose Oxidase for which a structure has been solved. The kelch motif forms a beta sheet. Several of these sheets associate to form a beta propeller structure as found in pfam00064, pfam00400 and pfam00415.
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Created: 1-May-2019
Updated: 18-Jul-2019
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Sequence Alignment
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EHA46474      297 PLPRTRHCVV-----AArsggsgS-----YEIFVYGGASalklseNQG--FA-DLHIL---TVPGF 346  Pyricularia oryzae 70-15
3_pfamImport    2 PDSIHNSHFF-----KH------N-----EEMYLFGGIVn-----NNV--SN-AIYKC---PLYDL 40  
EFC43435      400 PVSIYSTHYL-----KL------D-----EYVYFFGGFIn-----DHL--SN-AVYRApysDVETG 441  Naegleria gruberi
EFC37138      810 PLSIYHHSAN-----IY------En----DKLLLYGGLNyds-qqKKFssLN-NLIQL---NLKTF 855  Naegleria gruberi
CAM72201      666 PPPLHSAAAT-----AL------Ss----DTVLVSGGVLl----gQDA--CNpHLWQL---RLSTK 707  Leishmania infantum JPCM5
EFC43503      805 PRSVYNVFIE-----II------D-----KTMYFFGGRVn----rVQS--VG-DIHVA---SLADW 844  Naegleria gruberi
CAK48690      470 PVERFRHSVIrv--tLS------S-----DYVLVYGGKTs-----NGT--TL-DTWLL---WSKED 511  Aspergillus niger
EAW13037      460 PAPRFRHSAV-----KL------SldsdsEVVLVYGGKSs----dGSI--FD-NWLMW---RKDGA 504  Aspergillus clavatus NRRL 1
Q4WVD1        460 PAPRFRHSAVkitleTD------S-----ESVLVYGGKSs----dGSI--FD-TWLLW---QTHSN 504  Aspergillus fumigatus Af293
XP_002671279  763 PFPIYNGVVY-----VL------D-----DSLYLLGGRAyp---sNQP--TS-EIYIA---SIFDM 803  Naegleria gruberi strain NEG-M
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