Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam00628: PHD 
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PHD folds into an interleaved type of Zn-finger chelating 2 Zn ions in a similar manner to that of the RING and FYVE domains. Several PHD fingers have been identified as binding modules of methylated histone H3.
PSSM-Id: 334180
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Aligned: 84 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 44.7868
Threshold Setting Gi: 3970878
Created: 15-Mar-2017
Updated: 23-May-2017
Aligned Rows:
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Sequence Alignment
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4BXZ_X     74 RC-LCGAnnenydaaeysHGDMVQCDGCDTWQHIKCMtdgKDTIDglMSED---S---------KYYCELCDPS 134  Saccharomyces cerevisia...
O81488    201 QCgACGEsy-------aaDEFWICCDLCEMWFHGKCV---KITPAraEHIK-------------QYKCPSCSNK 251  thale cress
O44757    969 RC-ICGAld--------eEGTMVQCDTCHFWLHVDCC---QYVVRsnEKAQ---KsknppsddgEYICDFCTNK 1027 Caenorhabditis elegans
Q03164   1568 FCpLCDKcydd----ddyESKMMQCGKCDRWVHSKCE---NLSDEmyEILS---Nlpe----svAYTCVNCTER 1627 human
Q9UMN6   1337 YCpICTRcyed----ndyESKMMQCAQCDHWVHAKCE---GLSDEdyEILS---Glpd----svLYTCGPCAGA 1396 human
P20659   1423 FCpICQRcydd----ndfDLKMMECGDCGQWVHSKCE---GLSDEqyNLLS---Tlpe----siEFICKKCARR 1482 fruit fly
P29375   1163 FC-ICRKt---------aSGFMLQCELCKDWFHNSCV---PLPKSssQKKG---Sswqa--kevKFLCPLCMRS 1218 human
AAC41377 1805 ICvLCNKcyed----deaDGKMVECGRCHHRVHAKCE---KLTDDmyELLS---Klpe----svAYTCTKCTEr 1864 torafugu
BAS75623   81 lCgTCGTnd-------gkDEFWICCDNCEKWYHGKCV---KITPAraEHIK-------------QYKCPDCTNK 131  Japanese rice
1WEM_A     17 lycICRQph--------nNRFMICCDRCEEWFHGDCV---GISEArgRLLErngE---------DYICPNCTil 70   house mouse
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