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Ankyrin repeat
Ankyrins are multifunctional adaptors that link specific proteins to the membrane-associated, spectrin- actin cytoskeleton. This repeat-domain is a 'membrane-binding' domain of up to 24 repeated units, and it mediates most of the protein's binding activities. Repeats 13-24 are especially active, with known sites of interaction for the Na/K ATPase, Cl/HCO(3) anion exchanger, voltage-gated sodium channel, clathrin heavy chain and L1 family cell adhesion molecules. The ANK repeats are found to form a contiguous spiral stack such that ion transporters like the anion exchanger associate in a large central cavity formed by the ANK repeat spiral, while clathrin and cell adhesion molecules associate with specific regions outside this cavity.
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Sequence Alignment
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1IHB_A     37 FGRTALQVMk----LGN-PEIARRLLl-rGa-NP-DLKDR 68   human
P53355    576 HGNTPLHVAc---kDGN-MPIVVALCe-aNc-NL-DISNK 608  human
O55222     99 HGNVPLHYAcfwgqDQ----VAEDLV---AngaLvSICNK 131  house mouse
O83807    348 YGETPLHVAar---lGMdRAFVERLVg-aGa-DI-SERNK 381  Treponema pallidum
Q60773    106 TGSLPIHLAi---rEGH-SSVVSFLa--pEs-DL-HHRDA 137  house mouse
Q9ZT78    135 MGEVALHLAa---eAGH-LDVVWNLId--FinDI-SCTNL 167  thale cress
Q10311    106 GGQTCLHYAa---gKGR-LSIVQLLCd-kAp-EL--IRKK 137  Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-
Q96KQ7    817 EENICLHWAsf---tGS-AAIAEVLLn-aRc-DL-HAVNY 849  human
1IHB_A    102 EGNLPLHLAakeghLR----VVEFLVkhtAs-NV-GHRNH 135  human
EHH29629   60 TGALPIHLAvq---eGH-TAVVSFLAa--Es-DL-HRRDA 91   Rhesus monkey
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