Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd01769: UBL (this model, PSSM-Id:176364 is obsolete)
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Ubiquitin-like domain of UBL
UBLs function by remodeling the surface of their target proteins, changing their target's half-life, enzymatic activity, protein-protein interactions, subcellular localization or other properties. At least 10 different ubiquitin-like modifications exist in mammals, and attachment of different ubls to a target leads to different biological consequences. Ubl-conjugation cascades are initiated by activating enzymes, which also coordinate the ubls with their downstream pathways.
PSSM-Id: 176364
Aligned: 231 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 33.0094
Created: 28-Sep-2004
Updated: 17-Jan-2013
Aligned Rows:
Conserved site includes 11 residues -Click on image for an interactive view with Cn3D
Feature 1:Ubq - E2 interaction site

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1       #                                     # # #  ###                        # ###
1CMX_B      4 FVKtltgKTITLEvep--sdTIENVKAKIQDKEg--iPPDQQRLIFAGKQLedgrtlsd------yniqkesTLHLVLR 72  baker's yeast
1FXT_B      4 FVKtltgKTITLEvep--sdTIENVKAKIQDKEg--iPPDQQRLIFAGKQLedgrtlsd------yniqkesTLHLVLR 72  baker's yeast
Q15011     13 LVKspnqRHRDLElsgdrgwSVGHLKAHLSRVYperpRPEDQRLIYSGKLLldhqclrdl----lpkqekrhVLHLVCN 87  human
AAF52560   32 LIKssnqQYEDLNvdsdlcwTVQRLKKHLSLIYpgkpLIQDQKLIYSGKLLddsqkisevirsykdvyqqhhIFHLVCA 110 fruit fly
AAH05091   13 IIKapnqKYSDQTiscflnwTVGKLKTHLSNVYpskpLTKDQRLVYSGRLLpdhlqlkdi----lrkqdeyhMVHLVCT 87  human
EAA15858    6 SFKv--tGGKEFTisieptiTVMELKQKCAEHVd--iPVESQRIIFKGKILkdkepltl------ygvadgnVMHLVRS 74  Plasmodium yoelii y...
AAH44318   14 VIKapnqKYDDQTincfldwTVEKLKSHLSKVYpskpSAKDQRLVYSGKLLldhlllkdv----lrkqdeyhMVHLVCA 88  African clawed frog
AAH45865   13 VIKapnqKYDDQTincflnwTVEELKKHISNVYpskpLSKDQRLVYSGRLLqdhlqlrdv----lrkqdeyhMVHLVCA 87  zebrafish
EAK82107   14 NIKg--pSDLKLAieitsdqTVRQLKEAIEKQKpd-vPADAQRLIYAGKVLkdeealsv------ykvkdgnTIHMVKS 83  Ustilago maydis 521
EAK87935   57 VFKv--sGGTQFNisvprntIVKDLKDKISEPSn--iPSSQQRLIYKGRILkdsdsldg------mkvesghTMHLVKS 125 Cryptosporidium parvum

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