Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam12799: LRR_4 (this model, PSSM-Id:289563 is obsolete and has been replaced by 403873)
Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies)
Leucine rich repeats are short sequence motifs present in a number of proteins with diverse functions and cellular locations. These repeats are usually involved in protein-protein interactions. Each Leucine Rich Repeat is composed of a beta-alpha unit. These units form elongated non-globular structures. Leucine Rich Repeats are often flanked by cysteine rich domains.
PSSM-Id: 289563
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Aligned: 555 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 25.3035
Threshold Setting Gi: 750384166
Created: 29-Jun-2015
Updated: 5-Aug-2015
Aligned Rows:
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Sequence Alignment
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Q11WV8         67 TSVFKIDASFNNLT-ALPN--ISs-LTQ--LKYLYVn--FN-----RL--TQL--PD----LSN 109  Cytophaga hutchinsonii ATCC 3...
Q22GF7        337 MEIE--GLQA--FE--QGL------YHNkdYENM-I--------------KQL--VE----SRK 367  Tetrahymena thermophila SB210
C0LGI2        461 VNLKIMHLENNQLSgSLPP--YLahLPN--LQELSIe--N------NSfkGKI---P----SAL 505  thale cress
XP_002024315   63 TKLQQLYLRSNQIE-D---------INE--IRHlrdlqhltvlaleanpcaecagseyrnillr 114  Drosophila persimilis
ACK39632       77 KNVQTVMLTD--VNaSLEP--IKn-LST--VKNLSIk--GGnitsnQF--ADL--SG----LSS 123  Listeria monocytogenes HCC23
WP_018014790  102 NRVQQLGLAKNTIE-NISS--LAa-LRE--LRHINL---ADn----AI--TDA--SI----LDE 144  Teredinibacter turnerae
XP_002502128  217 GTLQHLRLSRNWFA-AVPP--EVkeLWA--LRELDMsrnFV-----RNteDALplAA----LAK 266  Micromonas sp. RCC299
EEE61688      143 TNMQKMGLGSNHFNgSLPT--ELgnLIK--LQELYIdsaG------LS--GPLpsS-----LSK 189  Japanese rice
XP_001568166  535 KNIRSLQLQSNHLRgTLPQ--SWkeLTN--IEEFRVddnQ------LI--GRI--PEsysaWIK 584  Leishmania braziliensis MHOM/...
XP_006389659  266 AELQILRLFGNPLE--FLPeiLP--LHK--LRHLSL---ANm----KI--EAD--ES----LRS 308  black cottonwood
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