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cd00053: EGF 
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Epidermal growth factor domain, found in epidermal growth factor (EGF) presents in a large number of proteins, mostly animal; the list of proteins currently known to contain one or more copies of an EGF-like pattern is large and varied; the functional significance of EGF-like domains in what appear to be unrelated proteins is not yet clear; a common feature is that these repeats are found in the extracellular domain of membrane-bound proteins or in proteins known to be secreted (exception: prostaglandin G/H synthase); the domain includes six cysteine residues which have been shown to be involved in disulfide bonds; the main structure is a two-stranded beta-sheet followed by a loop to a C-terminal short two-stranded sheet; Subdomains between the conserved cysteines vary in length; the region between the 5th and 6th cysteine contains two conserved glycines of which at least one is present in most EGF-like domains; a subset of these bind calcium.
PSSM-Id: 238010
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Aligned: 862 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 25.1298
Threshold Setting Gi: 1633218
Created: 1-Nov-2000
Updated: 17-Jan-2013
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Sequence Alignment
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                         10        20        30        40        50
1RFN_B         2 TCni--knGRCE--QFCKNsa---dnKVVCSCT-EGYRLaen----qkSCE 40
gi 2494288   485 ECvt--nqHNCDenALCFNtv----gGHNCVCK-LGYTGng------tVCK 522
gi 14139931 2249 ACq----hSLCHndGVCHNtn----pGFFCECRnDGLKGa--------RCQ 2283
gi 17562774  711 ECqr--gdHNCDqhAKCTNrp----gSFSCQCL-QGYQGdg------rSCI 748
gi 1174423    77 KCpetfdaWYCLndAHCFAvkiadlpVYSCECA-IGFMGq--------RCE 118
gi 4583449   262 ACas---tNLCLngANCRNann--hhGFSCECA-EEFHGe--------YCQ 298
gi 7303761  1000 NCln--npTLCDmnAQCRStn----sGLVCVCN-QGFFGng------sLCQ 1037
gi 128199    671 PCyi--gtHGCDtnAACRPgp---rtQFTCECS-IGFRGdg------rTCY 709
gi 17562774  835 ACg----sYVCDvnAECMPep---sgGSECVCK-AGFSGng------vTCE 871
gi 1711488   205 ECasa-ddNDCDpnANCTNta----gSFTCECDtELYDNspnteepgrVCI 250
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