Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd22543: SP6-9_N 
N-terminal domains of transcription factor Specificity Proteins (SP) 6-9, and similar proteins
Specificity Proteins (SPs) are transcription factors that are involved in many cellular processes, including cell differentiation, cell growth, apoptosis, immune responses, response to DNA damage, and chromatin remodeling. There are many SPs in vertebrates (9 SPs in humans and mice, 7 SPs in the chicken, and 11 SPs in teleost fish), but arthropods only have 3 SPs. SPs belongs to a family of proteins, called the SP/Kruppel or Krueppel-like Factor (KLF) family, characterized by a C-terminal DNA-binding domain of 81 amino acids consisting of three Kruppel-like C2H2 zinc fingers. These factors bind to a loose consensus motif, namely NNRCRCCYY (where N is any nucleotide; R is A/G, and Y is C/T), such as the recurring motifs in GC and GT boxes (5'-GGGGCGGGG-3' and 5-GGTGTGGGG-3') that are present in promoters and more distal regulatory elements of mammalian genes. SP factors preferentially bind GC boxes, while KLFs bind CACCC boxes. Another characteristic hallmark of SP factors is the presence of the Buttonhead (BTD) box CXCPXC, just N-terminal to the zinc fingers. The function of the BTD box is unknown, but it is thought to play an important physiological role. Another feature of most SP factors is the presence of a conserved amino acid stretch, the so-called SP box, located close to the N-terminus. SP factors may be separated into three groups based on their domain architecture and the similarity of their N-terminal transactivation domains: SP1-4, SP5, and SP6-9. The transactivation domains between the three groups are not homologous to one another. This model represents the related N-terminal domains of SP6-SP9, and similar proteins.
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Created: 5-Aug-2020
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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Sequence Alignment
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P0CG40    19 MLAATCNKIGNTSPLTTlpe--ssAFAKGg-FHPWKRSSSScnlgsslsgfavatggrgsgglaggsgaansafclasts 95  human
RWS16278  55 MLAAQCNKLASKTPPPLad----aAVGKG--FHPWKKASNLapggsvvsgtsansicpstlpqrigtlsnntsttslssy 128 Dinothrombium tinct...
Q3SY56     1 MLTAVCGSLGSQHTEAPh------ASPPRldLQPLQTYQGHtspeagdypsplqpgelqslplgpevdfsqgy------- 67  human
Q8IXZ3     1 MLAATCNKIGSPSPSPSslsdsssSFGKG--FHPWKRSSSSssascnvvgsslssfgvsgasrnggsssaaaaaaaaaaa 78  human
Q8TDD2    19 MLTAACSKFGGSSPLRDs-----tTLGKAgtKKPYSVGSDLsasktmgdaypapftstngllspagsppaptsgyandy- 92  human
P0CG40    96 ptssafss-----------------------------------------------dygglfsnsaaaaaaaagvspqeag 128 human
RWS16278 129 qrpvavtsgcgsssyqr----------------------------ppavtsscgtssyggdnlfypgttvtstttdtnqt 180 Dinothrombium tinct...
Q3SY56    68 ----------------------------------------------------------------------elpgassrvt 77  human
Q8IXZ3    79 aaalvsdsfscggspgssafsltsssaaaaaaaaaaaassspfandysvfqapgvsggsggggggggggssahsqdgshq 158 human
Q8TDD2    93 ----------------------------------------------------------------ppfshsfpgptgtqdp 108 human
P0CG40   129 gqsafiskvhttaadglyprvGMAHPYEsWYKs---GFHStlaag--evtngAASSWWDVHss------pGSWLEVqnpa 197 human
RWS16278 181 aflgkmhgesthigtmyprvgVSAHPYEsWPFnmnaSHHAtikpevssvnslNSSAWWDVHaasasaaaaGSWLHDmsgs 260 Dinothrombium tinct...
Q3SY56    78 cedlesdsplapgpfskllqpDMSHHYEsWFRp---THPGa-----------EDGSWWDLHp-------gTSWMDLphtq 136 human
Q8IXZ3   159 pvfiskvhtsvdglqgiyprvGMAHPYEsWFKp---SHPGlgaag--evgsaGASSWWDVG---------AGWIDVqnpn 224 human
Q8TDD2   109 gllvpkghsssdclpsvytslDMTHPYGsWYKa---GIHAgisp----gpgnTPTPWWDMHp-------gGNWLGGgqgq 174 human
P0CG40   198 gglqsslhsgapqaslhsqlgtynpdfsslthsafsstglgssaaaaSHLLSt--SQHLLaqdgFKPVLPSysdssaava 275 human
RWS16278 261 sglhsqiptnypt-----------------sadyglsttlaaaaastPAHLLs--GQHLLqd-tYKTMLPSaqtvggspf 320 Dinothrombium tinct...
Q3SY56   137 galtspghpgalqag-------------lggyvgdhqlcappphphaHHLLPaagGQHLLgppdGAKALEVaapesqgld 203 human
Q8IXZ3   225 saaalpgslhpaagglqtsl---hsplggynsdysglshsafssgasSHLLSp-aGQHLMd--gFKPVLPGsypdsapsp 298 human
Q8TDD2   175 gdglqgtlptgpaqppl---------npqlptypsdfaplnpapypaPHLLQp-gPQHVLpqdvYKPKAVGnsgqlegsg 244 human
P0CG40   276 aaaa-samisgaaaaaagGSSARSARRYSGRATCDCPNCQEAERLGPa--GASLRRKGlHS 333 human
RWS16278 321 ---------glsqptlsqVPSPRSQRRYTGRATCDCPNCQEAERLGPa--GAHLRKKNiHS 370 Dinothrombium tinctorium
Q3SY56   204 ---------ssldgaarpKGSRRSVPRSSGQTVCRCPNCLEAERLGApcgPDGGKKKHlHN 255 human
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