Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd22512: KH_I_FMR1_rpt3 
third type I K homology (KH) RNA-binding domain found in fragile X mental retardation protein 1 (FMR1) and similar proteins
FMR1, also called FMRP, or synaptic functional regulator FMR1, is a multifunctional polyribosome-associated RNA-binding protein that plays a central role in neuronal development and synaptic plasticity through the regulation of alternative mRNA splicing, mRNA stability, mRNA dendritic transport and postsynaptic local protein synthesis of a subset of mRNAs. It also plays a role in the alternative splicing of its own mRNA. FMR1 contains three K-homology (KH) RNA-binding domains. The model corresponds to the third one.
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Created: 17-Aug-2020
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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Conserved site includes 17 residues -Click on image for an interactive view with Cn3D
Feature 1:putative nucleic acid binding site [nucleic acid binding site]
  • Comment:flanked by the GXXG motif and a variable ssRNA/DNA binding loop
  • Comment:Based on the structure evidence that other KH-I superfamily members bind RNA/ssDNA.

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                  # ### #####  ##  ##     ####                                          
2QND_A        66 FAEDVIQVPRNLVGKVIGKNGKLIQEIVDKSGVVRVRIEAENEKNvpq-------------------------------- 113 human
NP_694495    281 FSEDVIKVPRNLVGKVIGKSGKLIQEVVDKSGVVRVRVEPENDKKpsp-------------------------------- 328 zebrafish
Q06787       281 FAEDVIQVPRNLVGKVIGKNGKLIQEIVDKSGVVRVRIEAENEKNvpqeeeimppnslpsnnsrvgpnapeekkhldike 360 human
XP_025005605 281 FAEDVIQVPRNLVGKVIGKNGKLIQEIVDKSGVVRVRIEAENDKNipq-------------------------------- 328 chicken
XP_005991925 281 FAEDVIQVPRNLVGKVIGKNGKLIQEIVDKSGVVRVRIEAENDKKnpq-------------------------------- 328 coelacanth
Q2KHP9       281 FAEDVIQVPRNLVGKVIGKNGKLIQEIVDKSGVVRVRIEAENDKNisq-------------------------------- 328 African clawed ...
XP_007891061 281 FTEDSVQVPRNLVGKVIGKNGKLIQEIVDKSGVVRVRIEGDGDKKipr-------------------------------- 328 elephant shark
Feature 1                                                                        
2QND_A       114 ----------------------------------eeGXVPFVFVGTKDSIANATVLLDYHLNYL 143 human
NP_694495    329 ---------------------------------leeGMVPFVFVGTKESISNARILLDYHLNYL 359 zebrafish
Q06787       361 nsthfsqpnstkvqrvlvassvvagesqkpelkawqGMVPFVFVGTKDSIANATVLLDYHLNYL 424 human
XP_025005605 329 ----------------------------------eeGMVPFVFVGTKDSITNATVLLDYHLNYL 358 chicken
XP_005991925 329 ----------------------------------eeGMVPFVFVGTKDSITNATVLLDYHLNYL 358 coelacanth
Q2KHP9       329 ----------------------------------eeGNVPFVFVGTKDSITNATVLLDYHLNYL 358 African clawed frog
XP_007891061 329 ----------------------------------eeGMVPFVFVGTKESISNARVLLDYHLNYL 358 elephant shark

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