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cd21817: IgC1_CH1_IgEG 
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CH1 domain (first constant Ig domain of the heavy chain) in immunoglobulin heavy epsilon and gamma chain; member of the C1-set of Ig superfamily (IgSF) domains
The members here are composed of the first immunoglobulin constant-1 set domain of epsilon and gamma chains. It belongs to a family composed of the first immunoglobulin constant-1 set domain of alpha, delta, epsilon, gamma, and mu heavy chains. This domain is found on the Fab antigen-binding fragment. The basic structure of Ig molecules is a tetramer of two light chains and two heavy chains linked by disulfide bonds. There are two types of light chains: kappa and lambda; each is composed of a constant domain and a variable domain. There are five types of heavy chains: alpha, delta, epsilon, gamma, and mu, all consisting of a variable domain (VH) with three (alpha, delta and gamma) or four (epsilon and mu) constant domains (CH1 to CH4). Ig molecules are modular proteins, in which the variable and constant domains have clear, conserved sequence patterns. This group belongs to the C1-set of IgSF domains, which are classical Ig-like domains resembling the antibody constant domain. C1-set domains are found almost exclusively in molecules involved in the immune system, such as in immunoglobulin light and heavy chains, in the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I and II complex molecules, and in various T-cell receptors.
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Created: 14-May-2020
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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Feature 1:heterodimer interface [polypeptide binding site]
  • Comment:Dimerization of Ig domains from different chains is common, but not found in all members.
  • Structure:2IG2; human IgG Fab, heavy and light chain -IgC interface, based on 4A distance
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  • Citation:PMID 9145108

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1            ###             #   # #                    # #  ##       ### #              
2IG2_H       131 GPSVFPLAPsskst-sggtAALGCLVKDYFPqPVTVSWNSGAltsgvHTFPAVLqs-sGLYSLSSVVTVpsss-lgtqTY 207 Homo sapiens
AAL17704     149 SPTVYPLIPsrkek-nlsqVTLGCLVTGYFPePVSIKWSPETfssnsKTFPAILqp-sGLYTLSSQITVpedn-wcgeLF 225 platypus
ABG72685       7 APSVFPLCPccqd--ptsnKTMGCLITGYFPePATVQWNSGAitsgiQNFPAVRqsssGTYTFTSQLTVpass-lhsqTF 83  Eublepharis mac...
5DFV_C       125 APSVYPLVPvcggt-tgssVTLGCLVKGYFPePVTLTWNSGSlssgvHTFPALLq--sGLYTLSSSVTVtsnt-wpsqTI 200 house mouse
AAM45140     143 APSVFPLVPccdgt-dssvVTLGCLVADYIPePVVVRWNSGDlvkgvTTLPSVWdsrsGLYTTSSHVTVsqds-wqsqTF 220 Australian echidna
NP_001083154 145 APSVFPLRPccgssssdshVTIGCLSTGFLPaPVDVKWNSGSitsglKNFPAVLqq-sGLFASSSQLTIplsdwkakkSF 223 African clawed ...
S04845       134 APSVFPLRPccgssssdshVTIGCLSTGFLPaPVDVKWNSGSitsglKNFPAVLqq-sGLFASSSQLTIplsdwkakkSF 212 African clawed ...
AAA41365       4 APSLYPLKPcsse--ntasVTLGCLVKDYFPdPVTVTWYSDSlntstMNFPSVGs---DLKTTTSQMTSwgk---sakNF 75  Norway rat
P01855         5 APSLYPLKPcsse--ntasVTLGCLVKDYFPdPVTVTWYSDSlntstMNFPSIGs---DLKTTTSQMTSwgk---sakNF 76  Norway rat
Feature 1                      #  
2IG2_H       208 ICNVNHkpsNTKVDKRV 224 Homo sapiens
AAL17704     226 TCSVEHpatQKNTQKTV 242 platypus
ABG72685      84 QCNVEHaatSTRINKQI 100 Eublepharis macularius
5DFV_C       201 TCNVAHpasSTKVDKKI 217 house mouse
4ZSO_B       203 TCNVAHpasSTKVDKKI 219 human
AAM45140     221 TCNVEQtaiKTKINTEV 237 Australian echidna
NP_001083154 224 ECNVEHkptSTKVTQKI 240 African clawed frog
S04845       213 ECNVEHkptSTKVTQKI 229 African clawed frog
AAA41365      76 TCHVTHapsTFVSDLTI 92  Norway rat
P01855        77 TCHVTHapsTFVSDLTI 93  Norway rat

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