Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd21128: SPASM_rSAM 
Iron-sulfur cluster-binding SPASM domain of an uncharacterized group of radical SAM proteins
Members of this group are radical S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) enzymes with a SPASM domain, named after the biochemically characterized members, AlbA, PqqE, anSME, and MftC, which are involved in Subtilosin A, Pyrroloquinoline quinone, Anaerobic Sulfatase, and Mycofactocin maturation, respectively. Radical SAM enzymes are characterized by a conserved CxxxCxxC motif, which coordinates the conserved iron-sulfur cluster that is involved in the reductive cleavage of SAM and generates a 5'-deoxyadenosyl radical, which in turn abstracts a hydrogen from the appropriately positioned carbon atom of the substrate. Radical SAM enzymes with a C-terminal SPASM domain contain at least one other iron-sulfur cluster. This group may contain one auxillary Fe-S cluster with an open coordination site, similar to the auxillary 4Fe-4S cluster in Bacillus circulans butirosin biosynthetic enzyme BtrN, but missing one conserved cysteine in the binding site.
PSSM-Id: 410619
Aligned: 15 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 74.7169
Created: 22-Jan-2020
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
Aligned Rows:
putative Fe-S
Feature 1: putative Fe-S cluster binding site [ion binding site], 3 residue positions
Conserved feature residue pattern:C C CClick to see conserved feature residue pattern help
  • Comment:based on the structure of Bacillus circulans butirosin biosynthetic enzyme BtrN with bound auxillary 4Fe-4S cluster
  • Comment:likely binds a 4Fe-4S cluster with an open coordination site

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1          #                  #                                              #      
NP_228633    329 NGCLAAgaKYLHINAkGYVEPCVfqQFAVDSIRek-kLIDILRSp----fFEAYKRMIpysd-nlfRPCPIIDNP 397 Thermotoga maritima ...
NP_347962    286 GGCLAAgrGFFHINFnGGVEPCPfsPYSDTNLKdl-sLKEAMNSp----lFRKLRKDNvlme-ehsGGCVLFEKE 354 Clostridium acetobut...
YP_002353611 330 GGCIAGgrRYLHINHkGEVEPCIfaHFAVDNIKek-sLVEVLNSe----fFKEIRKRQpfhe-nllLPCMIIDSP 398 Dictyoglomus turgidu...
PKN78744     279 DGCLAAgrGFLHINPnGKVEPCPfaPFSDTNLRyn-sLRAALGSe-----FLAQIRQNhhllkegkGGCALWANR 347 Candidatus Cloacimon...
NP_349395    332 GGCIAGk-YYFHVNSrEDVEPCIfsHFSTVNLKgr-hLIDAFRDp----fFKKLRAIQpynk-nmlRPCMMIDNT 399 Clostridium acetobut...
WP_009959489 267 ALCPMAtgISHHVGPkGDIEPCPiiQFATENIKdsrgVYETFTSsgflqdFREIAAQHt-------RGCVVLERP 334 Verrucomicrobium spi...
NP_869167    300 ALCPAVtgFTHHVGPwGDIEPCPviQLATESIHdskpLKETFNEsgflrdFRELTAQNt-------RGCVIMERP 367 Rhodopirellula balti...
AAM07499     320 FGCFAGr-RWMHVASdGEVMPCAytPLSFGNVSee-pLETIWRRmg---kHNAYKKDDa-------AYCMMRNPE 382 Methanosarcina aceti...
WP_011019348 315 AGCFAGy-VQCHVTNdGEVTPCDftPISFGNIRed-gLKAAWKRmt---sHPEWGKWR--------PHCRMQDPE 376 Methanopyrus kandleri
AAM07764     310 TGCMAGr-KWLHITPeGNILPCAcvPIPYGNVHrd-rIREVWKK------IREDPAYNa-------KCCLMRNPE 369 Methanosarcina aceti...

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