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cd21036: WH_MUS81 
winged helix domain found in crossover junction endonuclease MUS81 and similar proteins
MUS81 is a crossover junction endonuclease that interacts with EME1 (essential meiotic structure-specific endonuclease 1) and EME2, to form a DNA structure-specific endonuclease with substrate preference for branched DNA structures with a 5'-end at the branch nick. The MUS80-EME1 endonuclease maintains genomic integrity in metazoans by cleaving branched DNA structures that can form during mitosis and fission yeast meiosis, and during processing of damaged replication folks. This model corresponds to the winged helix (WH) domain of MUS81, which is responsible for DNA binding. It comprises four helices and two beta strands.
PSSM-Id: 411029
Aligned: 220 rows
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Created: 17-Aug-2020
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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putative DNA
Conserved site includes 8 residues -Click on image for an interactive view with Cn3D
Feature 1:putative DNA binding site [nucleic acid binding site]
  • Comment:This third alpha helix is also referred to as the recognition helix; it is at least two turns shorter than many other WH domain recognition helices, and its amino-terminal end is highly mobile, despite the presence of several prolines and a buried tryptophan sidechain.

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                                                                       ########         
RKP28475     114 FFPRqRSGGWAILIALHRHrhr----agMTKDELVSVAAEYCDasftaa---pgardfYSAWSAMKTLEAHeYVSCRg-- 184 Metschnikowia b...
PIS50166     116 WVPKrRSGSWAILIALYRNkgm---ekgLRKEDIIESASQYCDhsftan---paardfYSAWDGIKTLMNReLVECVgr- 188 [Candida] auris
KRX36642     166 FIPKnRSGAYAILRALYDAlnld-nlewVGTAELQRRAQAYCDqyigps----trnqhYTAWMGRKTLIAHgLVESRrs- 239 Trichinella mur...
XP_020077483 112 YLPKrRAGSWAILIALYLKdrr---grgLRKDEITSTAAEYCDgsfnsn---pgagvfYSAWDGIKVLINRdYVHVSas- 184 Hyphopichia bur...
CCX06170     126 YVPEpRTGGWAILRALYEVdda---rgaLTKDQIIARAQKWCDasftip---pnparpYTAWNSIETQKNHgYVRERkrg 199 Pyronema omphal...
XP_018714288 116 YVPRrRSGPWAILVALHTRdra---rrgLRKEAVIAGAEAHCDqsftan---aaardfHSAWAGVKTLVRRgLVHEHg-- 187 Metschnikowia b...
KFD50425     174 CVPKyRSGGYAILRALYEFanst-sgewLGTVELQKVAQQFCDeyigps----trnqpFTAWAARKTLINKnMIEMRrs- 247 pig whipworm
PLW40450     151 YQPKpRDAAWGILAAMYTVceltdlkkfSSREMITDRAARYSDrlyidiredtnnrygYHWQSGIKALIKHgLVISHatl 230 Puccinia corona...
XP_001427993 163 YQPGkGSKSGQVLMSLYKFqkse-nklfASKKQIKEQLRDICNt-------------eLSSWNAIETLEKHqLIQKTvld 228 Paramecium tetr...
Feature 1                             
2MC3_A        78 qPARYSLTPeGLELAQKLAES 98  human
RKP28475     185 rPKVYELTEeGLQIAQAIAQQ 205 Metschnikowia bicuspidata
PIS50166     189 aPKLYLLTEsGVAMARVIMQQ 209 [Candida] auris
KRX36642     240 rGNDYRLTEsGKRLAAQLDQM 260 Trichinella murrelli
XP_020077483 185 tPKLYTLTEsGLSLAKVLIDQ 205 Hyphopichia burtonii NRRL Y-1933
CCX06170     200 nETVYELTEpGLRTAHEIDEN 220 Pyronema omphalodes CBS 100304
XP_018714288 188 rPKTYVLTAeGAALAAVLLRQ 208 Metschnikowia bicuspidata var. bicuspidata NRRL YB-4993
KFD50425     248 kGNEYRLTSkGKSIAERFAKA 268 pig whipworm
PLW40450     231 rPARYALTRtGFEIATVIATH 251 Puccinia coronata var. avenae f. sp. avenae
XP_001427993 229 nEIKYALTEdGIKLGQQYFTE 249 Paramecium tetraurelia strain d4-2

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