Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd20829: C1_PIK3R-like_rpt1 
first protein kinase C conserved region 1 (C1 domain) found in uncharacterized phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase regulatory subunit-like proteins
The family includes a group of uncharacterized proteins that show high sequence similarity to vertebrate phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase regulatory subunits (PIK3Rs), which bind to activated (phosphorylated) protein-tyrosine kinases through its SH2 domain and regulate their kinase activity. Unlike typical PIK3Rs, members of this family have two C1 domains. This model corresponds to the first one. The C1 domain is a cysteine-rich zinc binding domain that does not bind DNA nor possess structural similarity to conventional zinc finger domains; it contains two separate Zn(2+)-binding sites.
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Created: 14-Nov-2019
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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Zn binding site
Feature 1:Zn binding site [ion binding site]
  • Comment:Two non-consecutive sets of zinc-binding residues form two separate metal-binding sites.
  • Comment:Based on the structure evidence that Rattus norvegicus ROCK2 binds two Zn2+ ions

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1         #            #  #             #  #    #        #           #  
KAB0801497    104 HRLGDVYFLTPILCGHCKDYVWGcgrvGVQCKDCHACFH------KICVRFAt---nYVCQK 156  common eastern firefly
XP_019632325  132 HSLIEIAVVKPILCQHCKAFIWGqgksAVRCEVCQCCFHkgdadrVGCGSLAa---dHPCVR 190  Belcher's lancelet
CCD82689      179 HQFVNVSVSYPLICNLCNDYIVTprcnANRCFTCKSIFH------LVCAEYSkrfevFTCQP 234  Schistosoma mansoni
XP_028404782   92 HGLQKITRSAPVCCGYCLDYIWGkhklLYQCLTCSKSFH------LLCAKDS-----DKCPG 142  Dendronephthya gigantea
XP_022087779  104 HVLFDKGLVTPMLCQHCNDYIWGsgkiASQCQDCNFVYH------KMCGLYAa---nVECDK 156  crown-of-thorns starfish
XP_015833081  102 HDITRVYFVKPILCTHCRDYIWGqgpvGVKCKDCFGCFH------DMCARFAa---kHQCLK 154  red flour beetle
QCW05395      146 HNLGPAYFLTPVLCVHCNDYIWGsgqvGVQCEECRACFH------NVCTPFSv---tHSCAR 198  Pacific white shrimp
XP_023227085  122 HQLVNTYFLTPIFCRNCKDYIWGrgqvGAKCEECHNCFH------RVCIPFAp---tQLCQP 174  bark scorpion
RMX38675      108 HSLTETSALKPVWCCQCEDFIWGagsqLYRCAICDLAWH------PQCAVELs---kFPCKI 160  Pocillopora damicornis

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