Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd20822: C1_ScPKC1-like_rpt1 
first protein kinase C conserved region 1 (C1 domain) found in Saccharomyces cerevisiae protein kinase C-like 1 (ScPKC1) and similar proteins
ScPKC1 is required for cell growth and for the G2 to M transition of the cell division cycle. It mediates a protein kinase cascade, activating BCK1 which itself activates MKK1/MKK2. The family also includes Schizosaccharomyces pombe PKC1 and PKC2, which are involved in the control of cell shape and act as targets of the inhibitor staurosporine. Members of this family contain two copies of the C1 domain. This model corresponds to the first one. The C1 domain is a cysteine-rich zinc binding domain that does not bind DNA nor possess structural similarity to conventional zinc finger domains; it contains two separate Zn(2+)-binding sites.
PSSM-Id: 410372
Aligned: 28 rows
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Created: 4-Oct-2019
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
Aligned Rows:
Zn binding site
Feature 1: Zn binding site [ion binding site], 8 residue positions
Conserved feature residue pattern:H C C C C H C CClick to see conserved feature residue pattern help
  • Comment:Two non-consecutive sets of zinc-binding residues form two separate metal-binding sites.
  • Comment:Based on the structure evidence that Homo sapiens PKC-gamma binds two Zn2+ ions.

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1           #             #  #           #           #    #  #       #   
P24583        413 HGHHFVQKSFYn-IMCCAYCGDFLRy-tGFQCQd---------CKFLCHKKCYTNVVtKCIAK 464  Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288C
XP_024664332  417 KGHEFAHIQLYn-IMRCPICTDFMTy--PYQCQe---------CNFACHRKCVSKVVtRCMAT 467  Wickerhamiella sorbophila
CDH60357      379 HGHKFVSKRFYq-ILRCSVCRDFMVn-iTYQCEd---------CHLSCHKNCYSRVPsRCLAR 430  Lichtheimia corymbifera JMRC:F...
ORY96124      441 HGHHFVAKRFLq-VMRCSICSDYMVn-lAYQCDd---------CRLACHKECYSHVVtRCAKS 492  Syncephalastrum racemosum
ORZ35659      616 NGHQFVLAQYAt-IVKCALCSEFIGvsaCYACEs---------CGFSCHKKCAPKVLtRCFGS 668  Catenaria anguillulae PL171
OIR57346      323 NDHRLTFVHLYstVARCACCHEFLVg-gCYHCSe---------CKLRCHRKCLGRVEgRCRAG 375  Amphiamblys sp. WSBS2006
OMH84592       82 YKHHFYTQQTYa-ITRCAICEEYLVnseGLQCEd---------CQMFVHSKCVHKIVnSCLVG 134  Zancudomyces culisetae
ORX71602      435 CGHHFYPLHTYt-IMKCAVCSEHIVndvGQQCDd---------CQLFVHEKCVPRVVtHCLSG 487  Linderina pennispora
KXS22561      765 RGHRFASKVKYq-LVRCAVCGELLMg-gGVTCEd---------CQHTVHKHCIERVVsKCFAA 816  Gonapodya prolifera JEL478
RKP19618      346 FGHRFTASKFYs-VTRCAFCTELMTg--GYQCQgnglfisqsdCKYACHRKCHEKVSfKCISQ 405  Rozella allomycis CSF55

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