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cd20702: PoNe 
Polymorphic Nuclease effector (PoNe) domain is a deoxyribonuclease
This family contains the DNase toxin domain called PoNe (Polymorphic Nuclease effector), which belongs to a diverse superfamily of PD-(D/E)xK phosphodiesterases, and is associated with several toxin delivery systems including type V, type VI, and type VII. PoNe toxicity is antagonized by cognate immunity proteins (PoNi) containing DUF1911 and DUF1910 domains. The PoNe domain co-occurs with a variety of N-terminal domains such as filamentous hemagglutinin, nuclease, HINT, DUFs, PAAR, RHS repeat, or LXG domains. Some members of this family also co-occur with the FIX (Found in type sIX effector) domain of unknown function, as identified by Jana et al., who have also identified this PoNe domain.
PSSM-Id: 410637
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Created: 17-Aug-2020
Updated: 17-Aug-2020
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PoNe conserved
Feature 1: PoNe conserved motif, 10 residue positions
Conserved feature residue pattern:K G [DE] G I D [FY] [FY] [DE] KClick to see conserved feature residue pattern help
  • Comment:conserved motif: Kx3GExnGIDx2YxnYx3ExK discovered in PoNe family members

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1         #   ##                                ###  #               #   # #              
WP_029857615  295 KGIYGEIISDHHMkergfinllpedrqvrkmtdkprGRGIDGIYQNTnpp-------ppYVVTETKYRtevgkyidddgi 367  Vibrio paraha...
PJF41036        8 LGEYGEHLAAEYLqnngytiv--------etnwrcpHGEIDIIARDHq----------sIIFVEVKTRrassteaaf--- 66   Candidatus Th...
WP_121721842 1078 LEGRGWRQWEHWInpfef--------------ngryGQGLDDVFVDDag---------rLWIVEYKGGta---------- 1124 Corallococcus...
OFW69698      216 LGNLGELAADLTFfshgfkklpsk--ikgssgkgkgNKGIDGIYVNAkeedp---tkrqLWFVEAKFRndilsgkdfegy 290  Alphaproteoba...
WP_022700721   65 QGAFGEALTTLMMasqgwtvl--------ngkpgagPQGIDGIFVRPegs------lwrACLIETKTNqs---------- 120  Oceanicaulis ...
OJW51170      164 KGALGELATTLTMlsfgytq---------hpskyggDNGLDGVFEDWgr--------kyLWLTQTKQEkk---------- 216  Alphaproteoba...
WP_031934411  140 RGRLGETVTDLTFlslgfhk---------ingqnasNQGIDGIFWHAhg--------nfLVLTESKCRses--------- 193  Candidatus He...
WP_139016883  197 RGTLGELATTLTMihfgyqg---------hfskygtDNGFDGIFTDNsdd-------peMFITESKCRer---------- 250  Candidatus Od...
RMD68231      141 KGELGEKIVEETLkhrgltll--------paringkRQGIDHIAVRAsqdpkekwhleeAWIVETKTGts---------- 202  Gammaproteoba...
WP_120514551  166 KRVYGEERVRMDLkakgyvin--------stdmgtgQNGLDLGAKDVkg--------ttDIVTDGKFAtrggkpk----- 224  Chitinophaga ...
Feature 1                                       
WP_029857615  368 akdtmlsttkgskvngmsypPTKQMSDGWI 397  Vibrio parahaemolyticus
PJF41036       67 -----------anitqhkkqRLIKLAYTYL 85   Candidatus Thermofonsia Clade 2 bacterium
WP_121721842 1125 ------------------elSPGQMSTRWV 1136 Corallococcus sp. AB049A
OFW69698      291 --------lspkvskkgaldQYQTSSDTEL 312  Alphaproteobacteria bacterium GWB1_45_5
WP_022700721  121 ------------------qyATRQMERSKL 132  Oceanicaulis alexandrii
OJW51170      217 ------------------prTAPNIMRNFL 228  Alphaproteobacteria bacterium 41-28
WP_031934411  194 ------------------krAQRYLEDDLA 205  Candidatus Hepatobacter penaei
WP_139016883  251 ------------------adGVKTIMKDNL 262  Candidatus Odyssella thessalonicensis
RMD68231      203 ------------------qlTKGQMSRAWL 214  Gammaproteobacteria bacterium
WP_120514551  225 --------------lantkgSGKQLGNRWL 240  Chitinophaga barathri

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