Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd20488: peptidase_C58-like 
C58 peptidase domain and and similar domains
This family contains C58 peptidases and similar proteins. C58 family peptidases are endopeptidases that also act as transamidases, attaching a lipid moiety to the newly exposed N-terminus of the substrate. These include the Pseudomonas avirulence (Avr) protein AvrPphB and the homologous protein from Yersinia known as YopT; both are involved in bacterial pathogenesis. These proteins have a papain-like fold and a distinct substrate-binding site. Also included is a cysteine-protease-like domain in Photorhabdus asymbiotica toxin PaTox that enhances cytotoxic effects of the toxin, and therefore is essential for full PaTox activity. The C58 cysteine protease domain is also found in Vibrio vulnificus biotype 3 multifunctional autoprocessing RTX toxin. It usually contains the characteristic Cys, His, Asp residues in the active site. Some members may lack this cataytic triad.
PSSM-Id: 410774
Aligned: 3 rows
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Created: 17-Jul-2016
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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catalytic site
Conserved site includes 3 residues -Click on image for an interactive view with Cn3D
Feature 1: catalytic site [active site], 3 residue positions
Conserved feature residue pattern:C H [DE]Click to see conserved feature residue pattern help

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                                   #                                                  
6HV6_A     180 ANKVVLTPQnlyl----------kgkpSEALPESVLMGWALQss-qDAKLSKMLmgiyssnditsnpLYKSLKELHAngn 248  Photorhabdus asy...
1UKF_A       4 DFSVASRDVnh---------------nNICAGLSTEWLVMSSdg-dAESRMDHLdyn--------geGQSRGSERHQvyn 59   Pseudomonas sava...
PQQ39489  1493 ELKKLIPEIsnvlvtngndvqskefleGICFALSSRYMMEERvngvGGGKAYIEwlq--------dvVKAYNDNSVNkkt 1564 Photorhabdus lum...
Feature 1                                                                                      
6HV6_A     249 askfnas---------------------------------------atsisninvsNLATSEtklf----pteISSVRVD 285  Photorhabdus asy...
1UKF_A      60 dalraalsnddeapfftastavi--------edagfslrrepktvhasggsaqlgqTVAHDVaq--------sGRKHLLS 123  Pseudomonas sava...
PQQ39489  1565 dinsiessllnryrrqkvgpaieellsiqhfqqldagsliekakgnidysarlkanGLTGARigdplnyevdgYESVMEQ 1644 Photorhabdus lum...
Feature 1                      #                   #                                         
6HV6_A     286 AP-------------KHTMLISKIknrenkiKYVFYDPNyGMAYFDKhsdmAAFFQKKMQQYdfp---ddsVSFHPLD 347  Photorhabdus asymb...
1UKF_A     124 LRfan--------vqGHAIACSCEg-----sQFKLFDPNlGEFQSSRsa-aPQLIKGLIDHYnslnydvacVNEFRVS 187  Pseudomonas savast...
PQQ39489  1645 LRnvkqstymmfmseDHAMSVVVHkse-vqtIWSFFDPNfGAKSFDN----YDDFHRFMDSFhk-----glITGYRSP 1712 Photorhabdus lumin...

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