Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd20406: Tudor_Agenet_AtDUF_rpt2_4 
second and fourth Tudor-like Agenet domains found in the family of Arabidopsis thaliana DUF724 domain-containing proteins (AtDUFs)
The family includes a group of AtDUFs (AtDUF1-3 and AtDUF6-8) that may be involved in the polar growth of plant cells via transportation of RNAs. Members of this family have four Tudor-like Agenet domains, except for AtDUF8, which contains only two copies of the Tudor-like Agenet domain. AtDUF4 and AtDUF5 are not included here due to the lack of a Tudor-like Agenet domain. The model corresponds to the second and fourth Tudor-like Agenet domains in AtDUF1-3 and AtDUF6-7, as well as the first Tudor-like Agenet domain in AtDUF8. The Tudor domain binds to proteins with dimethylated arginine or lysine residues, and may also bind methylated histone tails to facilitate protein-protein interactions.
PSSM-Id: 410477
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Created: 3-Jun-2019
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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peptide binding
Conserved site includes 3 residues -Click on image for an interactive view with Cn3D
Feature 1:peptide binding site [polypeptide binding site]
  • Structure:6IE4; Arabidopsis thaliana Agenet domain-containing protein in complex with H3k9me1 peptide, contacts at 4A
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Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                  #  #  #                                       
6IE4_A         96 VGEEVDAFYN--DGWWEGDVTEvld---dgKFSVFFr-sSKEQIRFRk--DELRF 142  thale cress
Q9LMI5         77 CGDKVDAFDK--DGWWVGEVTAvr----rnIYSVYFs-tTDEELEYPl--YSLRK 122  thale cress
ABR17839       81 LNEEVDVYDQ--DGWWRGFVDGilp---qnKYVVYFk-qTLEKLEYDi--TQLRL 127  Sitka spruce
AES87399       69 IGDKVEAFRK--HRWWEGRVSAdlg---ngRFLVCFt--DSEEMVFPk--DLLRI 114  barrel medic
ESQ44737       79 LLREVDTFFN--DGWWPGNVVVvkt---dnIYGVKMs-kFEEIHQIPi--KALRR 125  Eutrema salsugineum
KFK34729       30 LMQSVELFEN--GGWWKGTVNAvkl---ddMVFVLM---LSSQKTRDvaaNELRI 76   gray rockcress
KFK38113       79 SGDEVDVFRDseGCWVRGNVTEvrg---dsRYIVEFndeNRPETEVGh--SNLRL 128  gray rockcress
XP_014757678  254 PSSHVEVFHE--GSWWPGVILEvlgsgikkKYVVNLn--NHDLLTVEn--TLLRS 302  Brachypodium distachyon
ONK54801      243 VLDEVEGFDK--NGWFAGVVCKilp---gqRYTVKYk-hQDNEMVFDh--ILLRP 289  garden asparagus
THU44861      245 LNDEVEVLHH--GGWVPGMISKivn---gsKYIIKMl-hDENETEFGh--AVLRH 291  Balbis banana

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