Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd20379: Tudor_dTUD-like 
Tudor domain found in Drosophila melanogaster maternal protein Tudor (dTUD) and similar proteins
dTUD is required during oogenesis for the formation of primordial germ cells and for normal abdominal segmentation. It contains 11 Tudor domains. The family also includes mitochondrial A-kinase anchor protein 1 (AKAP1) and Tudor domain-containing proteins (TDRDs). AKAP1, also called A-kinase anchor protein 149 kDa (AKAP 149), or dual specificity A-kinase-anchoring protein 1 (D-AKAP-1), or protein kinase A-anchoring protein 1 (PRKA1), or Spermatid A-kinase anchor protein 84 (S-AKAP84), is found in mitochondria and in the endoplasmic reticulum-nuclear envelope where it anchors protein kinases, phosphatases, and a phosphodiesterase. It regulates multiple cellular processes governing mitochondrial homeostasis and cell viability. AKAP1 binds to type I and II regulatory subunits of protein kinase A and anchors them to the cytoplasmic face of the mitochondrial outer membrane. TDRDs have diverse biological functions and may contain one or more copies of the Tudor domain. The Tudor domain binds to proteins with dimethylated arginine or lysine residues, and may also bind methylated histone tails to facilitate protein-protein interactions.
PSSM-Id: 410450
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Created: 4-Mar-2019
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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Conserved site includes 5 residues -Click on image for an interactive view with Cn3D
Feature 1:putative peptide binding site [polypeptide binding site]
  • Comment:In general, the Tudor domain binds to proteins with dimethylated arginine or lysine residues, and may also bind methylated histone tails to facilitate protein-protein interactions.
  • Structure:4B9W; Mus musculus TDRD1 dimer binds 2 molecules of Piwil2 peptide, contacts at 4A
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  • Structure:5M9O; Homo sapiens TDRD11 in complex with a symmetrically dimethylated E2F peptide, contacts at 4A
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Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                 #                                    #                   #  # #         
2DIQ_A         35 VGDIVAAPLpt------------------------------ngSWYRARVLGtle---ngNLDLYFvdFGDNGDCplkDL 81   human
4B9W_A         68 IGRPCCAFFsg------------------------------dgNWYRALVKEilp---sgNVKVHFvdYGNVEEVttdQL 114  house mouse
XP_008544775  602 VNRYYALKKd--------------------------------dSWHRVFVEYidn--einCADIFFidTGDMESVsfnDL 647  Microplitis d...
XP_009058475   32 NGRFYQVMDemneycnndqmffnenfqpkigqevyaglrlkdrKWHRVKVENvlqtsrgrQCNVDLidYGEEAQIpvsNI 111  owl limpet
XP_011303994  639 ILNHYVTKIk--------------------------------dEAHRVRVEAldp--ltgDATIFFvdTGDNDIVntsML 684  Fopius arisanus
XP_014293584  205 PDKVYLLDQn--------------------------------sEKHRVKIINats--lngQILVNFldSGGEDSVfieDL 250  brown marmora...
KYQ58172      511 PGDFYAVLEe--------------------------------nYWHRVQCTDydn--etgIATVFFidEGYMEQYksdVL 556  Trachymyrmex ...
XP_021968380  127 PDGYYAAKVea------------------------------neNWARVHVVKpfny-enpQIMVFLldHGSYAMLeasNL 175  Folsomia candida
PSN45877      583 VGLFYAIKMd--------------------------------dCWHRVKLVEine--tgsVGRVFFidHGDEEVAelkDL 628  German cockroach
ROT70057      602 VGKVYAASYd--------------------------------eSWFRVQVLSin----gdQVTVLFidHGDEEQLsvsLI 645  Pacific white...
Feature 1            
2DIQ_A         82 RAL 84   human
4B9W_A        115 QAI 117  house mouse
XP_008544775  648 CAL 650  Microplitis demolitor
XP_009058475  112 RRI 114  owl limpet
XP_011303994  685 FPL 687  Fopius arisanus
XP_014293584  251 YNL 253  brown marmorated stink bug
KYQ58172      557 HLL 559  Trachymyrmex zeteki
XP_021968380  176 RPL 178  Folsomia candida
PSN45877      629 HVL 631  German cockroach
ROT70057      646 HNL 648  Pacific white shrimp

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