Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd12561: RRM1_RBM5_like 
RNA recognition motif 1 (RRM1) found in RNA-binding protein 5 (RBM5) and similar proteins
This subgroup corresponds to the RRM1 of RNA-binding protein 5 (RBM5 or LUCA15 or H37), RNA-binding protein 10 (RBM10 or S1-1) and similar proteins. RBM5 is a known modulator of apoptosis. It may also act as a tumor suppressor or an RNA splicing factor; it specifically binds poly(G) RNA. RBM10, a paralog of RBM5, may play an important role in mRNA generation, processing and degradation in several cell types. The rat homolog of human RBM10 is protein S1-1, a hypothetical RNA binding protein with poly(G) and poly(U) binding capabilities. Both, RBM5 and RBM10, contain two RNA recognition motifs (RRMs), also termed RBDs (RNA binding domains) or RNPs (ribonucleoprotein domains), two C2H2-type zinc fingers, and a G-patch/D111 domain.
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Created: 31-Jan-2012
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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Sequence Alignment
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2LXI_A         1 SNIVMLRMLPQa-ATEDDIRGQLqshg-vqarEVRLMRNKssgqSRGFAFVEFShLQDATRWMEanqhsl-----nilgq 73  human
XP_002410612 123 PNNTIMVRGMPieTTEPELRNEVtryg-lepkDIRLMKRKdtgaSRGFAFVEFRyLSEAVRWKEltkgvv-----qmgdv 196 black-legged tick
EFX71814     141 PNNTIMVSNLPlhVAENEIRANIvmhg-lvakDIRLIRRKdtgaSRGFAFVEFNrLPEAERWMEvnqgcl----vlenqy 215 common water flea
AAN71018      95 PLNNIILFGLKkhVTEADIMGELikvd-leptSIRVMRKQqtgaSRCFAFVEFKtVEEATRWMEltqgvl-----qlgdh 168 fruit fly
XP_003378279  45 PNSTLVVKGIPlsYNEELVRNAVvemg-vtpiDVRILRRResgeSRGFGFIEFMsIEEATKYMErsqvkqmemafalqfn 123 Trichinella spi...
CCD79233      95 ASPTIMLRGIPtsLDHRDIRDALddar-vsylDVRVIKDKttgiSKGFGFVDFAsVHEARRWMDhqkgif-----rvrry 168 Schistosoma man...
P52756        96 ESKTIMLRGLPitITESDIREMMesfegpqpaDVRLMKRKtg-vSRGFAFVEFYhLQDATSWMEanqkkl-----viqgk 169 human
2LXI_A        74 KVSMHYS 80  human
XP_002410612 197 RCSLHYS 203 black-legged tick
EFX71814     216 QATLQYS 222 common water flea
AAN71018     169 RVTMQYS 175 fruit fly
XP_003378279 124 KITLTFR 130 Trichinella spiralis
CCD79233     169 EIRLMYS 175 Schistosoma mansoni
P52756       170 HIAMHYS 176 human
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