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cd12514: RRM4_RBM12_like 
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RNA recognition motif 4 (RRM4) found in RNA-binding protein RBM12, RBM12B and similar proteins
This subfamily corresponds to the RRM4 of RBM12 and RBM12B. RBM12, also termed SH3/WW domain anchor protein in the nucleus (SWAN), is ubiquitously expressed. It contains five distinct RNA binding motifs (RRMs), also termed RBDs (RNA binding domains) or RNPs (ribonucleoprotein domains), two proline-rich regions, and several putative transmembrane domains. RBM12B show high sequence semilarity with RBM12. It contains five distinct RRMs as well. The biological roles of both RBM12 and RBM12B remain unclear.
PSSM-Id: 409936
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Created: 5-Jul-2012
Updated: 17-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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2CPY_A         17 CAHITNIPfsiTKMDVLQFLegipvdenAVHVLvdnn-----gqglGQALVQFKNeDDARKSERLhrkk-lngREAFVH 89   human
Q8IXT5        401 CIYIRNFPfdvTKVEVQKFFadfllaedDIYLLyddk-----gvglGEALVKFKSeEQAMKAERLnrrr-flgTEVLLR 473  human
XP_002156393  226 FVFIGELPynaTEVDIQDFFrpv--ltrDIFLIrnkvgk-yigkpnGNAVVEFFSeSDAREVLKCdgkr-fgqRNAVVQ 300  green hydra
XP_002156393    9 VLRVDRLPlnaTPGDIRRHFkdhgarpeDIHLVlead-----gkhnGSAFLTFTNqGDAAHGLNAndsllkdkRLAVNE 82   green hydra
EAT43080      659 FIMITNLEyamQESNIFEFFdqegfspkHVHILrnkn-----grsmGECLVEFQSsQEAEETLSKhgqv-igkRRAFIK 731  yellow fever m...
P34167        102 RAVINNIPwdiTPEGVQAWVedglvkpeAVEEVvlpknlrdptrlkGNAFVTLKErADLVAVLKFngtk-lneRTVYVS 179  Saccharomyces ...
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