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cd12360: RRM_cwf2 
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RNA recognition motif (RRM) found in yeast pre-mRNA-splicing factor Cwc2 and similar proteins
This subfamily corresponds to the RRM of yeast protein Cwc2, also termed Complexed with CEF1 protein 2, or PRP19-associated complex protein 40 (Ntc40), or synthetic lethal with CLF1 protein 3, one of the components of the Prp19-associated complex [nineteen complex (NTC)] that can bind to RNA. NTC is composed of the scaffold protein Prp19 and a number of associated splicing factors, and plays a crucial role in intron removal during premature mRNA splicing in eukaryotes. Cwc2 functions as an RNA-binding protein that can bind both small nuclear RNAs (snRNAs) and pre-mRNA in vitro. It interacts directly with the U6 snRNA to link the NTC to the spliceosome during pre-mRNA splicing. In the N-terminal half, Cwc2 contains a CCCH-type zinc finger (ZnF domain), a RNA recognition motif (RRM), also termed RBD (RNA binding domain) or RNP (ribonucleoprotein domain), and an intervening loop, also termed RNA-binding loop or RB loop, between ZnF and RRM, all of which are necessary and sufficient for RNA binding. The ZnF is also responsible for mediating protein-protein interaction. The C-terminal flexible region of Cwc2 interacts with the WD40 domain of Prp19.
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Created: 13-Sep-2011
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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Sequence Alignment
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3U1L_A       134 NKTLYVGGIDgalnskhlkpaqIESRIRFVFSRLGDIDRIRYVesKNCGFVKFKYq-------------aNAEFAKEAMS 200 Saccharomyces c...
XP_001702336  33 NRTLYISYEGagsy----elpkIRQLLEANFKLWGPVNNIYIVhpKNIAFVRYDWr-------------aSAEFAKEAMH 95  Chlamydomonas r...
XP_001351707 661 CRTLFIGSIFinnin---qvpvIEKILYEEFLPFGNIEYVRYIpnKNIAFIQFTNr-------------vNAEFAKIAMS 724 Plasmodium falc...
EFN52859     147 CKTLYVHYGGagtl----pteqVRNIVGDNFGEWGPIENVHLVpsKTLAFIRRYLqhlrhllplryqwrsSAEFAKVAMH 222 Chlorella varia...
EEH59873     156 CRTLFVYFGGagew----ggqrLRQLISKSFGEWGPVEDIHVVpsKCISFVRYKFi-------------vSAEFAKEAMM 218 Micromonas pusi...
EDQ86907     155 QRTLYIGRVGra--------gnTPENIRKHFGEWGELDDVRCFpdRGFAFVRYHLr-------------tAAEFAKVAMA 213 Monosiga brevic...
XP_001624830 113 SRTVYVGGIAcs--------kdMKSIVYKHFSEWGEIENMRLLehKGVAFVRYKLr-------------gSAEFAMEAMQ 171 starlet sea ane...
3TP2_A       136 NKTLYVGGIDgalnskhlkpaqIESRIRFVFSRLGDIDRIRYVesKNCGFVKFKYq-------------aNAEFAKEAMS 202 baker's yeast
5LJ3_M       134 NKTLYVGGIDgalnskhlkpaqIESRIRFVFSRLGDIDRIRYVesKNCGFVKFKYq-------------aNAEFAKEAMS 200 baker's yeast
5GMK_R       134 NKTLYVGGIDgalnskhlkpaqIESRIRFVFSRLGDIDRIRYVesKNCGFVKFKYq-------------aNAEFAKEAMS 200 Saccharomyces c...
3U1L_A       201 NQTLllpsdkewddrregTGLLVKWAN 227 Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c
XP_001702336  96 KQPLlgs--------slgEVVTARWAN 114 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
XP_001351707 725 DQPIen----------ysTALTIKWAF 741 Plasmodium falciparum 3D7
EFN52859     223 QQTLrgc--------dttEILDVRWAN 241 Chlorella variabilis
EEH59873     219 GQNLfg----------gkESLTVRWAN 235 Micromonas pusilla CCMP1545
EDQ86907     214 QQAVsg-----------rDVINIRWAS 229 Monosiga brevicollis MX1
XP_001624830 172 RQSLdd-----------nEVLNIRWAT 187 starlet sea anemone
3TP2_A       203 NQTLllpsdkewddrregTGLLVKWAN 229 baker's yeast
5LJ3_M       201 NQTLllpsdkewddrregTGLLVKWAN 227 baker's yeast
5GMK_R       201 NQTLllpsdkewddrregTGLLVKWAN 227 Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288C
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